Acrylic wall mounting
- hanging acrylic frames

What is Acrylic glass and how is it used?

The terms acrylic glass and plexiglass are often used synonymously, although there is an important difference. Acrylic is the special plastic polymethylmethacrylate. It is also very often used as a glass replacement and it is much more break-proof and cheaper. Many online shops have recognized this material and produce your photo directly as an acrylic glass photo without a frame. 

The respective motif is first printed on photographic paper and then laminated under acrylic glass. Acrylic protects your photo from dirt and damage. Because of the glass, the color brilliance of your photo is further enhanced and gives your photo an intense shine. Acrylic glass is considerably heavier than aluminium composite or Forex, so mounting it on a wall can be problematic. Aluminium composite or acrylic glass – which is better? Aluminium composite is particularly resistant and suitable for permanent outdoor use. The acrylic glass, on the other hand, impresses with its outstanding brilliance. 

A new trend is the gallery print: acrylic glass and aluminium composite merge into a background that is characterized by excellent colors and brilliant sharpness. However, if you want to finish your photos and pictures in this way, you need a solid wall, because although both works do not need a frame, they are both heavy due to the solid material and often have to be hung up on the wall with screws, dowels and large hanging systems on the back of the picture.

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With the innovative 3-in-1 hanging system by GAEKKO, you can hang up any kind of frameless picture on any wall as easy as winking. It is your choice: Gluingnailing or screwing.

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Acrylic hanging – Mounting acrylic prints with float mount hangers

On the one hand, acrylic frames are very sensitive and on the other hand, your photo should hang safely and permanently on the wall. Most of the larger suppliers offer so-called mirror sheets, which you can stick to the back of the acrylic prints and then hang it on the wall. For acrylic hangings, you need to resort to tools such as a hammer or a drill and hang a nail or a screw and a dowel on the wall. Then, the float mount hanger and the associated picture are placed on the nail or screw. The float mount hangers are self-adhesive and provide a small distance between the picture and the wall. 

Our tip: Glue two additional spacers to the lower ends of the acrylic print to ensure an even distance between the metal brackets and the spacer to the wall. However, float mount hangers also have some disadvantages: As you usually need two float mount hangers in order to hold large and heavy acrylic prints and acrylic frames, these brackets have to be fixed horizontally as well as vertically at exactly the same place of the back wall of the acrylic plate. This also means that you have to attach several nails or screws and dowels to the wall at the same height and at the same distance from the float mount hangers, so that your picture is hanging straight. Thus, the wall will quickly look like Swiss cheese because of the many holes. Additionally, suspending without a spirit level and precise work is very difficult. It could result in reworking and damage on the wall or on the acrylic print. 

Our tip: In order to avoid complicated picture hanging kit and holes in the wall, you can easily hang your acrylic prints or acrylic frames on a sheet on the wall with our picture hanger Galerie GAEKKO. Often, it is recommended to drill extra holes and mount your picture on acrylic print to the wall by using dowels and screws. For this purpose, you should mark the spots where you are going to sink the dowels into the wall beforehand, so you know where you have to drill the hole later. After drilling two holes, you can sink the dowels into the wall and screw the screws into the plugs. Afterwards, you can hang  your acrylic photo on the wall.

Since the metal plates are not screwed but only glued, they do not carry as much weight as other acrylic wall mounts. For safety reasons, you should therefore only use these sheets for very small formats. For larger formats, you should therefore use an alternative hanging system.

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We will show you, how to attach acrylic prints of different formats and shapes to the back of different walls. With the innovative 3-in-1 picutre hanging kit from GAEKKO we promise you a quick and uncomplicated way to hang your acrylic prints on walls with different backgrounds and slopes. The stability and reliability of the picture hanger is the main focus here. The Galerie GAEKKO is a flexible solution for permanently mounting your acrylic photo frame on the wall. With the included spacers, your acrylic photo will always have the perfect distance to the wall.

With the GAEKKO acrylic hanging, your acrylic print can be glued, nailed or screwed depending on the wall surface or the weight. The Galerie GAEKKO picture hanging system is a flexible solution for permanently fixing your acrylic print to the wall. With the included spacers, your picture has a perfect distance to the wall and suggests the famous floating look to the viewer. With the innovative 3-in-1 picture hanging kit and the included accessories, like dowels, screws and nails as well as self-adhesive tape, you can mount your acrylic photo frames to any wall. You can choose between three attachment methods: Sticking, nailing or screwing.

Advantages at a glance:
Without wholes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

This also means that you do not necessarily need to drill a hole into your wall to hang your acrylic print. Alternatively, you can choose the self-adhesive function of our picture hangers – without leaving any residue, permanent damage or holes in the wall. Does sticking seem too unsafe to you? Up to two kilograms, the sticky method is completely harmless! And if your acrylic hanging is heavier, you can attach it to your wall with the screws, dowels and nails provided. Thus, we guarantee a load capacity of the suspension of up to four kilograms.

Our acrylic wall mounting for acrylic prints and pictures on plate has been designed to create a small cavity between the picture and the wall. This gives the acrylic photo a floating look. The supplied spacers, which are glued to the bottom of the backside of your picture, are perfectly matched to the wall mount. Elegant, modern and flexible, you can now not only hang your pictures on any wall, but also use the floating look to skilfully stage your pictures. Discover our self-adhesive hangers for pictures of all kinds.

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