How to hang pictures outside

Weatherproof pictures can also be hung on external walls. We’ll show you how to securely and reliably attach your pictures outdoors. The hanging system from GAEKKO makes it possible!

Pictures for outdoors - What you should know

Why should you only present your favourite pictures in your own four walls? Today you can have your most beautiful photos and memories printed on weatherproof substrates. This allows you to hang your pictures not only in your apartment but also outdoors. Today, more and more people are looking for garden posters that they can also hang on the balcony or terrace.


The different types of pictures for outdoor use

Some types of pictures are particularly well suited for outdoor use. Accordingly, you can also use very different picture types outdoors. Be it directly at the front door, in the garden or on the terrace. The weather-resistant material of some picture types makes it possible that you can also attach your motifs outdoors. We show you which types of pictures these are and tell you what you have to consider when hanging your wall pictures outdoors.

Our self-adhesive picture hangers for outside

Our picture hanger for canvas, canvas print and stretcher frames
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Weatherproof direct printing - Alu-Dibond or Forex plate

Bilder draussen aufhängen Direktdruck Alu-Dibond

Many pictures on disk (e. g. Forex rigid foam sheet or Alu-Dibond Brushed) are very robust and resistant due to the weather-resistant substrates. Even if your Alu-Dibond picture is exposed to direct sunlight, your picture does not fade. Similarly, there is no risk that your Forex picture will soften when it rains on the picture.

The special features and associated advantages of such weatherproof pictures on plates are their longevity and the permanent preservation of print quality. This allows you to hang up your most beautiful memories and moments in many different places outdoors. So you can present your pictures for example on the terrace, in the conservatory or on the garden wall.


A tarpaulin - Ideal for outdoor use

You can also have your motifs printed on PVC tarpaulins. The advantage of the PVC tarpaulin is that it is particularly stable and tear-resistant due to the hard-wearing plastic. As a result, the PVC tarpaulin is also ideally suited for outdoor use and defies both rain and strong sunlight. The robust PVC material ensures that the tarpaulin does not tear even in wet conditions and frequent transport. As a rule, the tarpaulins are equipped with simple eyelets, which allows you to hang the PVC tarpaulin with cable ties or rope quickly and easily. You can also attach the PVC tarpaulins with robust curtain rails to the wall or ceiling.


The advantages of our picture hangers at a glance
For every kind of picture

Whether canvas, Alu-Dibond, acrylic glass or photos: With our hanging system every work of art can be hung on the wall.

Holds everywhere

Our hangers are suitable for all walls. Whether wallpaper, woodchip, concrete, tiles, marble or plaster

Fast exchange of pictures

You want to hang another motive? No worries. With GAEKKO the picture change is easier & faster than ever before.

Easy hanging

With GAEKKO hanging up pictures is child’s play. No more complicated hanging ropes, picture rails or adhesive nails.

Photo made of wood - Only limited suitable for outdoor use

Some manufacturers even offer you to print your pictures on wood. This is a special Abachi wood. made In order for the wood to look particularly pretty, it is painted in special cases with a thin white top layer. As a result, you see the wood grain less well and on the white wood the colors of your picture are particularly good. However, you should make sure that your photo is not directly exposed to the sun. In addition, rain or snow can cause your photo made of wood to weather and rot quickly.

If you want to hang your photo on wood therefore outdoors you should hang a covered place such as on terrace or balcony. This protects it from external weather influences and significantly extends the lifetime of your photo on wood.

Photo canvas with a frame made of garden wood for outdoor use

Bilder draussen aufhängen Leinwand vorbereiten

A classic canvas or stretcher made of wood weathered very quickly and is therefore not always well suited for outdoor use or the garden. However, most photo canvases can be hung outside, provided they are mounted under a roof in a dry place. The canvas material is mostly waterproof and can therefore withstand rain and moisture. The colors therefore remain very well preserved and do not fade so quickly. The wooden frame is often made of spruce wood and therefore a natural product. Due to external influences, the spruce wood can weather and be damaged. This is usually the case when moisture penetrates the frame, which can cause the frame of the photo canvas to warp. So if you want to hang a photo canvas in the garden or outdoor area, then you should make sure that you hang your picture in a protected place.


Some providers therefore use neither stretcher frames nor glued wood, but put your favorite photo on a frame made of garden wood. The frame made of wood is pre-impregnated so that the frame is particularly durable. Usually, photo screens are made of fine canvas fabric. Some manufacturers also cover the canvases with cloth. This makes the garden poster washable and, above all, UV and waterproof.

Forget picture frames
Advantages at a glance:
Without holes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

Are self-painted pictures on canvas weatherproof?

“Hello together, my husband and I love to paint pictures on canvas. Since we slowly have no more space in our apartment for all the murals and we do not want to hang each picture directly into the living room, we ask ourselves if you can hang such a canvas picture in the garden on a wooden wall. For the basement we find the pictures definitely too bad and so we thought that we can hang some of our canvases maybe also on the terrace to a wall that is wind and weatherproof There it does not rain down and the murals would do well there. Can the humidity damage the pictures? Since especially the wall on our terrace is very massive, I wonder if you can hang pictures there without a nail or a screw? What do you think? Do you have a suitable solution for my problem?”

Thank you & greeting


Tips & tricks to make your pictures weatherproof

To make your canvas prints weatherproof, you can spray them with waterproof spray paint. A bit more professional is the use of fixative. Fixatively covers your canvas pictures with a protective film without fading the colors. The film dries quickly, is smudge-resistant and weather-resistant. Apart from that, fixatives protect against harmful sunlight and other external influences.

This will spare your picture and you will enjoy it for a long time. Slightly less professional but effective is the use of simple hairspray. Before applying the spray, however, you should first make a sample at a small corner to see if the paint dissolves.

Kleben, Nageln oder Schrauben? Du hast die Wahl

Attach pictures with the picture hanging by GAEKKO

No matter which type of picture you want to hang on your wall outdoors: We have the right hanger to securely and permanently attach your pictures to the wall. No nails, hooks or eyelets. With our picture hangers you can glue, nail or screw your paintings to the wall. In no time you can nail even large pictures to your garden wall with our hanging system.

And if your exterior walls are too massive, you can also stick our hangers to the wall. This opens up completely new possibilities of designing your murals on exterior walls, privacy screen or conservatory.

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