Hanging pictures on picture rails

No more complicated picture rails or picture rail hooks! We show you how to hang your pictures on the wall with ease. The picture hanging system from GAEKKO makes it possible!

Hang pictures with a picture rail - ideas

You are still looking for a professional and fast solution to hang your pictures on the wall? Have you ever heard of picture rails or picture rail hooks? With the help of such picture rails, canvas pictures and stretcher frames, but also picture frames, photos and postcards can be hung on the wall quickly and easily. Picture rails with hooks are flexible hanging systems because you can quickly exchange and reposition your pictures.

Picture rails are therefore a good hanging for all those who want to redecorate their home within a short time without the need for re-drilling or reassembly. Picture rails or rail hooks were actually developed for museums and galleries where frequently changing exhibitions take place and therefore new works of art and frames are constantly being mounted on the wall. But many artists also wanted to hang their paintings with picture rails outside the museums and galleries. This led to a lot of money being invested in picture rails. Thus the paintings and pictures mostly remained permanently on the wall and were never replaced. But what are these picture rails really good for? And what distinguishes the hanging systems of the picture rails and rail hooks from other picture hanging systems or regular hooks? We will give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of picture rails and show you how best to hang your pictures on the wall.

Forget expensive and complicated picture rails: Stick pictures to your wall

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Advantages of picture rail hangers according to classic hanging systems

The picture rail with rail hooks and picture rail molding allow flexible attachment and exchange of pictures. So you can adjust the height and position of your pictures individually. You also refrain from hammering nails into your wall. Corrections of the desired image position are also possible afterwards. Picture rail systems usually consist of the rail itself, the hooks for attaching your picture frames, the hanging ropes and the appropriate mounting material.

The picture rails are also available in different lengths. So you can equip one or more walls of your rooms partly or on the whole length with picture rails! So you can also hang several pictures one below the other on a rope. Or you can use several ropes to hang multi-part pictures in a series along a single picture rail. But the big advantage has already been mentioned: You can easily move pictures, with or without frames, and your walls are spared from holes and nails. In addition, the essential and decisive difference between picture rails and rail hooks compared to conventional hanging systems, that

the peron ropes can slide to any position along the entire picture rail and

the picture hooks allow flexibility in height, allowing you to vary the height of your picture frames

Alternatives to complicated picture rails
Advantages at a glance:
Without holes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

Disadvantages of picture rails and rail hooks

However, if you want to hang certain types of pictures, such as large canvas pictures, heavy picture frames or pictures on plates with a smooth back, picture rails are not the right hanging system. Especially for pictures on plates and prints like acrylic glass or Alu-Dibond you won’t get anywhere with the included hooks due to the missing hanging on the back of the picture.

  • Complete picture rail systems with rail hooks and picture rail molding are above all one thing: very expensive to purchase. Picture rails are also not always easy to install: For example, if you want to hang them directly under the ceiling. For this you will need a ladder and strong nerves for the attachment.
  • The safety aspect should not be ignored either: the pictures hang on hooks, which in turn are mounted on thin ropes. This can cause your pictures to move due to a draft. Especially if children live in the household, this hanging system should be avoided, because children can move the pictures on the ropes very easily. This can cause your artwork to tip off the hooks of the gallery rail and fall to the floor.
  • The renunciation of drilling holes must also be refuted. Usually the picture rails are fixed to the wall of your rooms with dowels and screws. Even if you do not have to use screws or nails for the actual hanging process, the picture rail still remains behind. This also means that if you want to redecorate and want to hang your picture frames on another wall, the picture rail remains on the ceiling or wall. If you want to remove the picture rail, it leaves holes in the wall just like with any other classic hanging method.
  • Please also consider the optical aspect once again: From a design point of view, picture rails and rails hooks are a more than questionable appearance. With this type of hanging you can still see the cords and the picture rail molding next to the picture rail which is either mounted on the wall or ceiling. dangling ropes from the wall. In addition, the rails and plastic ropes turn grey and dusty over time. With picture rails, your pictures can also stand out slightly from the wall. This can be due to an incorrect installation of the picture rail or your wall is simply uneven. Due to the hook and rope hanging your picture already has a certain distance to your wall. The longer the perlon ropes are and the bigger your picture is the more the distance can increase towards the bottom. The way you ultimately hang your painting is ultimately decisive for the viewer in terms of its value. A visually sophisticated and professional installation of your works of art directly on the wall not only enhances your picture but also your entire home. Therefore, think carefully about whether a picture rail is the right hanging system for your pictures.
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How to mount a picture rail on the wall?

Bilder aufhängen mit Bilderschiene und Galerieschiene Montage

The picture rail is mounted once on the wall. Afterwards you can move your pictures and redesign your apartment without having to drill new holes in the wall every time. With picture rails you can hang not only small pictures like photos and postcards but also canvas pictures or picture frames on the wall. The picture rail molding is usually mounted just below the ceiling. With additional accessories, direct mounting on the ceiling or on a sloping roof of your rooms is also possible. Therefore, a distinction is often made between wall rails and ceiling rails. In addition to wall mounting, the picture rail can also be mounted on the wall at an angle, for example in the staircase, as already mentioned. All you need to do is purchase a set of clamps for picture rails.

To mount the picture rail you need a spirit level, a tape measure, a screwdriver and a cordless screwdriver. It is important that the picture rail is mounted straight on your wall or ceiling. If the picture rail hangs on the wall, you can thread perlon or steel ropes into the rail. With the help of a screw glider, which is not visible from the front and is pushed sideways into the running channel of the picture rail, you can put the Perlon rope through the screw glider and fix it by tightening the screw. Afterwards you attach the rail hooks to the rope suspension where your pictures will finally be hung up. The picture ropes can be moved to the right or left by the rail. Due to the hooks and rope you can hang the perlon ropes to any position along the entire picture rail. The hooks or pictur rail hooks in turn allow you to adjust the height of your picture frames flexibly.

Sticking, nailing or drilling? With our system you choose

Advantages of GAEKKO picture hangers according to picture rail systems

The GAEKKO picture hanging kit offers many advantages over picture rails and rail hooks used for hanging pictures. The biggest advantage is the flexible attachment of our picture hanging system. Depending on the ceiling or wall surface and the weight of your picture, you decide whether you want to stick, nail or screw our hanger to the wall. If you decide on the adhesive variant, you do not have to drill a hole in your wall, unlike when mounting the picture rail systems. This not only protects your walls but also saves you a lot of time. For mounting the picture rails and hooks, you must have the necessary tools for the mounting besides the complicated mounting instructions. To mount the picture rail systems you need not only the ceiling rail or the rail on the wall but also rail hooks and cords made of perlon to hang up your pictures. This is not only cumbersome but also time consuming. You can mount our picture hanger on the wall in less than a minute without complicated assembly instructions. No holes, no stress and never again crooked pictures! The solution for your pictures!

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