Hang pictures straight

You want to hang your pictures on the wall like a real professional? The hanging system from GAEKKO allows you to mount your picture frames straight!

Hang pictures like a real professional - That's how it works

How do I straight hang a picture frame or canvas picture on my wall? The theme may sound quite banal, but you can’t imagine how many mistakes you can make when you hang a professional picture. That’s why such an easy task can become a real challenge for many. Our tips are designed to help you hang your pictures on the wall like a real professional. It’s not just about aligning your pictures, but also securely attaching them to the wall. The following instructions will help you to place your frames straight and stress-free on your wall.


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Hang pictures straight: Find the right place for your pictures

Bilder professionell aufhängen der richtige Ort

On which wall do you want to hang your picture? Do you have a large free space available or just a small niche on your wall? Is it possible that your picture will come into its own at a very specific point? If you want to hang larger formats on the wall, you need more space, while smaller picture frames also work in narrower rooms. The size of your picture therefore also determines where you want to hang it later.

The optimal height of your picture should be approximately at eye level of the viewer. This is usually the case when two-thirds of your picture is above eye level and one-third below it. As a fist formula, you can remember that the center of your picture is suspended from the ground at a height of 1. 40 and 1. 50 meters. This formula is also often used in galleries or museums. This does not mean, of course, that the mounting of your frames must take place exactly at this height. Rather, you should include your own position in the room when straight hanging up your pictures. For example, if you look at your picture sitting from your sofa, you should adjust the height of your picture to your sitting position.

Stick, nail or screw: The choice is yours!

How do I straight put my artworks on the wall?

You want to put several pictures on your wall and ask yourself which hanging is the best for you? If you want to arrange an entire picture wall, you should lay out your pictures on your floor in advance. So you can check the arrangement of your pictures in advance and see how your pictures work together. A more elegant solution is to cut out the outlines of your picture frames on newsprint and fix them with crepe tape on the wall. So you can drill without holes or disfigure your wall with nails to test the hanging of your pictures in the room and arrange your pictures quickly and easily on the wall. You can also easily determine the perfect distances between the pictures. Once the newspaper clippings with crepe tape are fixed to the wall in the desired arrangement, you can simply hang your pictures over them and remove the papers later.

Forget Picture frames
Advantages at a glance:
Without holes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

Hanging pictures straight with picture rail

Bilder professionell aufhängen mit Galerieschiene Bilderschiene

Gallery rails and picture rails respectively. Picture rails are considered to be a very professional way of hanging pictures. Picture rails have the advantage that after a single installation of the gallery rail, no further drilling is necessary and your walls are thus spared from dowels or screws. The gallery rail is mounted directly below the ceiling or directly on the ceiling. So that your works hang straight later, you should align the rail with a spirit level and hang it on the wall. Simple ropes are then inserted into the picture rail. Adjustable hooks are mounted on the ropes on which you can finally hang your pictures. Here we have summarized the advantages of the gallery rail with the integrated rope hanging and the adjustable picture hooks:


Height-adjustable picture hooks


Movable rope hanging

Hang the frame without anchors, screws or nails

One-off installation without re-drilling

However, if you want to hang picture types such as canvas or pictures on a smooth back plate, picture rails with the existing hook system are not the right hanging system. In addition, you have to resort to dowels and screws when mounting the picture rail. Therefore, even when dismantling the picture rail, unattractive holes remain in your wall.


The GAEKKO advantages at a glance

For every kind of picture

Whether canvas, Alu-Dibond, acrylic glass or photos: With our hanging system every work of art can be hung on the wall.

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Fast exchange of pictures

You want to hang another motive? No worries. With GAEKKO the picture change is easier & faster than ever before.

Easy hanging

With GAEKKO hanging up pictures is child’s play. No more complicated hanging ropes, picture rails or adhesive nails.

Hanging pictures straight: with the hanging system from GAEKKO

You are looking for a professional hanging system for your paintings and want to hang your pictures on your wall like a real professional in no time? Many people are looking for a suitable hanger for a special work or for a specific place in the house. As a specialist for picture hanging systems, we have the right hanger for every picture. With our hangers, you can hang your pictures flexibly and securely on the wall. From now on, you can hang your pictures and photos on your wall without rotating and turning, without clamps or tools. And that even without unsightly drill holes or nails in the wall! From now on, you can easily stcik your pictures to the wall. And if you don’t like it, our hangers can also be removed without leaving any residue.

Our hanger doesn’t even make a hole in the wall. Even in the bathroom, you can easily attach such light pictures to your tiles. This saves you unnecessary drilling into the joint or even into the tile. Our hangers can withstand a weight of up to 2 kilograms. Thanks to the high-quality adhesive tape, our hangers can be removed without a trace and reused with a new adhesive tape. For soft walls such as plasterboard or softwood, you can also attach our hangers to your wall with the included dowels and screws or nails. This increases the load-bearing capacity to 4 kilograms. If the hanging is no longer needed, you can remove it without any problems and use it elsewhere.

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