Hanging a painting

You want to present your oil painting, canvas or other paintings on the wall in an appropriate way? The picture hanging system from GAEKKO enables you to hang up your paintings professionally!

How to hang paintings professionally on the wall?

Art lovers and art philistines agree on one thing: art belongs in your own four walls. It does not matter what kind of art is involved. This can be a simple picture on a stretcher frame, an art print, a drawing of your children or just a work of a well-known artist. With your own works of art and paintings you can give your home a sustainable design and a personal touch. Finding the right place for a painting is a real challenge, because the painting corresponds to your own style and must also fit in with your interior.

You should hang paintings at the right height and at the right distance from other paintings. Cleverly placed paintings make your home really cosy. Hanging a painting on the wall can present some challenges to the do-it-yourselfer. After all, your painting should not only hang at the right height but also straight. Hang your paintings properly on the wall? We explain this to you in our guide. We also give you tips on how to hang paintings on your wall without nails and even without frames.

The solution: Our hanging system for paintings

Again and again we are confronted with the question of how to hang pictures and paintings and which is the right way to hang each picture. To bring your paintings optimally to the walls, we at GAEKKO have developed self-adhesive picture hangers. You can easily order these in our online shop. Here you will find different possibilities to mount your pictures reliably on the wall. Our picture hangers are available in various designs for hanging paintings, canvas pictures, posters, art prints, photos or postcards.

Our hangers for your painting

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Arranging paintings: Which hanging ist he best?

You have a lot of pictures of different motives and formats that you would like to hang on the wall? But you are not sure which hanging on the wall best highlights your picture collection? You have also heard of salon hanging or Petersburg hanging and have no idea what is meant by it? In short, you ask yourself how you can stylishly combine your paintings and picture frames to arrange an individual picture wall? In order for a larger number of paintings to look their best, you should follow a few rules when designing your walls.

Before you can hang your pictures on the wall, you should spread out your possible hangings on the floor or sketch the arrangement on paper beforehand. This can save you unnecessary drilling, nailing and hammering! You can also determine in advance on which reference lines you want to arrange your paintings and which distances you choose.

To make sure your artwork is displayed to its best advantage, you should always hang it at eye level. The hanging height is oriented to the centre of the picture. Your paintings hang at eye level when they are put on on the wall 160 centimetres above the floor to the centre of the picture. If your paintings are a third above eye level and two thirds below, you always have the perfect ratio. However, you should consider from which reference point you view your pictures. Sitting from the sofa or another piece of furniture, the eye level may well be somewhat lower. Basically, your paintings always follow a concrete reference line. These can be lines that exist in the room, such as door frames or the edge of a window.

In order for your pictures to have a harmonious effect in combination with your furniture, the proportions should be right. Over a larger chest of drawers or couch, a large picture looks better. In front of a colored painted wall you can choose motives with similar colors. On a white wall you can hang paintings with eye-catching frames or passepartout to achieve a better overall picture. This results in a harmonious total work of art that is in tune with your environment.

Sticking, nailing or drilling? The choice is yours

Our Tipp: Hanging a painting without nails

The crucial question to ask yourself before the actual hanging process: Is it possible to hang a painting without nail or drilling a hole in the wall? Hanging a painting is often done to create a certain atmosphere in the room. But it often takes a lot of effort to drill a hole in the wall to hang the picture. But what if the painting looks better in another place? Small picture frames or canvas paintings often already have a picture hook attached in the middle where you can hang your picture on the wall with the help of a nail. For larger picture frames there are often even two picture eyelets pre-mounted. Here too, you can fix the frame relatively quickly with dowels, screws or nails. Use a spirit level, measuring tape and pencil to mark the exact places on the wall that are intended for the picture hooks on the back of the picture frame.

You can also hang up your paintings with a string or picture wire. The picture wire or string can be easily stretched between the two hooks. With a picture wire with a picture hook, you attach a single thread centrally to the hook on the back. You can then easily hang the picture frame on the nail and arrange it.

Picture rails or picture rail hooks are a very professional way to hang and arrange your pictures. Picture rails must be mounted once on the wall. This means that no further drilling is necessary and your walls are spared from dowels or screws. The picture rail is mounted directly below the ceiling. To ensure that your works hang straight later, you should level the rail with a spirit level and hang it on the wall.

Meanwhile there are many innovative alternatives to hang a painting to the wall without a nail. This way you avoid unsightly holes in your wall and can mount light paintings weighing a few kilos on your wall at any time of day without having to use a hammer or drill. Nowadays you can stick paintings to the wall without any nails.

Forget picture frames
Advantages at a glance:
Without holes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

Hanging a painting without frame

Unframed paintings such as works of art on a stretcher frame or pictures on a plate can be easily mounted on the wall without a picture frame. In order to avoid damaging them when hanging and unhanging, it is best not to use nails.

Certainly the fastest way to hang your paintings without a nail is with adhesive tape. For this purpose, a special adhesive tape was developed, which you can get off the wall without leaving any residue. With adhesive tape you can easily fix small pictures without frames such as photos and cards to the wall and rearrange them as you wish without much effort.

A more original way of attaching your photos and postcards is to use a string or chain of lights. The pictures can easily be hung up with small wooden clothes pegs or large metal paper clips.

In addition to classic frames, you can also present your pictures on picture ledges. If you want to redecorate or rearrange your pictures often, you are well advised with a picture ledge. This is initially mounted only once on the wall and can then be fitted with new pictures again and again.

With all the tips we have given you now, there is one thing you should not forget: Your artwork should hang in a way that you like it. And it is also allowed to try out unusual picture hangings even if they do not comply with the usual rules of the galleries.

If you want to hang your painting without nails or much effort then picture hangers from GAEKKO are perfect for you. With our innovative hangers not only for paintings, you can hang pictures of all kind on every wall professionally.

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