Hanging aluminium prints - without nailing

What is Aluminium Dibond and how much does it weight?

Aluminium composite consists of two aluminium bonded panels, which are connected thermally by a polyethylene core. Therefore, composite is lighter than aluminium, even if both have the same diameter. Aluminium prints are characterized by its light and limber material.

Aluminium dibond does neither expand nor contract itself and therefore, it can be used outside the house. Apart from decorating the interior or exterior of living rooms or offices, it can be used for manufacturing boards, signs or advertisement. At many of the larger online printing companies, you can print your own subject on aluminium dibond, either as a photo direct print on aluminium or let it be refined as smart fine art.

If you do not have your own photo, printing companies offer a countless number of subjects, which you can print in different formats on aluminium composite. Ordering larger formats of your photos or subjects on a printing plate per direct printing is not a problem. Lamination on aluminium composite suits to your photos ideally. Lamination on aluminium composite will draw everlasting attention to your picture. Photos of your last vacation, of your loved ones or a claasic photo will be printed on high-quality photo paper, whereby colors and contrasts seem more real.

With the aluminium print hanging kit by GAEKKO, you can hang your aluminium prints without drilling or nailing, and therefore without holes in your wall.

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With the innovative 3-in-1 hanging system by GAEKKO, you can hang up any kind of frameless picture on any wall as easy as winking. It is your choice: Gluingnailing or screwing.

Sticking, nailing or screwing: You have the choice

Alu Dibond, acrylic glass or canvas prints – which suits best to my photo?

This question cannot be answered in general. The choice of one of the photo products always depends on personal taste. Furthermore, the subject and the colors of your photo play a critical role in choosing the ideal material and perfet print. When it comes to photo products on aluminium composite plates, they shine in saturated colors and intricacies on the dull surface of the plate. We are going to briefly introduce the differences between canvas, photos on printing plate or without a frame, as for example aluminium composite or Lucite and gallery print. Furthermore, we are going to introduce what material suits best to which theme.

Canvas prints: Especially suitable for classic art prints, self-painted artworks or abstract subjects.
There is no gap between the wall and the photo, they line up precisely with the wall and they are clamped on a wooden frame.

Aluminium prints: Especially suitable for skylines and photos of landscapes, architectural photography or horizons.

Acrylic prints: Suitable for intense colors, for example night images or underwater footage.

A photo on plate, as for example aluminium composite or acrylic glass has to be equipped with a mounting set and a spacer. Because of the missing frame, there is a little distance between the hanging and the wall, which creates a floating look.

How to hang aluminium prints?

Your direct print on a hard foam plate, whether on aluminium composite, forex plates or any other material, is designed in a way to get along without a frame. Aluminium prints are delivered either with a mounted print hanging kit or without one. If the customer has the latter, they are forced to search for the right print hanging by themselves. If a print hanging kit is preinstalled, many people will search for an alternative to hang the picture without damaging the wall.

Usually, aluminium composite pictures are delivered with a standard aluminium print hanging kit. It consists of two metal picture hanging sheets, which have to be glued to the reverse of the picture in exactly the same height.
In order that your picture is hanging evenly later, you have to use a spirit level to be assured that you are holding the picture evenly. Finally, mark the spots where the float mount hangers have to mounted to later.

Additionally, you can buy an aluminium bracket from many vendors. The aluminium frame has to be mounted on the backside of the picture. However, you will have to drill two holes into your wall. With the help of two screws and the consistent rail, you can shift the picture to the right or to the left. 

This alternative does not need a spacer, however, it is expensive and because of the complicated assembly and the required drilling effort, it is not recommended. Drilling leaves unaesthetic holes in your wall and the assembly of the self-adhesive picture rails on the backside of the picture requires much effort. Furthermore, if you use broad aluminium composite formats, you have to use multiple keepers in alignment with the screws and nails to hang up the aluminium composite picture straightly.

Hanging aluminium prints with float mount hangers

Assembling your aluminium composite pictures by using float mount hangers – also called self adhesive metal plates – is pretty easy: Hammer two nails into the marks (both in a 45 degree angle) so that they point to the ceiling in a skewed position.

If you have a larger format, you should relinguish nails and use dowels and screws instead, so that the mural is firmly attached. Drill a hole at the height of your mark. Our tip: A spirit level helps to fix the holders on a straight line. Countersink the plugs into the pre-drilled holes in your wall and screw in the screws. Now you can put your picture on aluminium composite on the nails or Mount the screws. Make sure once again that your picture hangs correctly on the hanging system and is securely attached.

When mounting, you should pay particular attention to the wall distance of your aluminium composite picture or of the plate. Look at the correct distance from the wall so that there is enough space between the wall and the wall bracket. Your aluminium composite picture should also not stand too far from the wall. So-called spacers for all aluminium composite, acrylic glass, Forex and other panel paintings without frames are often supplied with the suspension system. So that your pictures do not hang diagonally on the wall, the spacers are glued to the back of the pictures at the bottom of each corner. If necessary, use a spacer to avoid damaging the wall or your pictures. In the case of sloping walls or roof slopes, make sure that the suspension has been installed correctly.

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Advantages at a glance:
Without wholes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

Discover our print hangers for all pictures on plate without a frame

For the hanging of alu dibond prints, we at GAEKKO have developed a picture hanging system with which you can easily hang your picture on the wall. The contained self-adhesive picture hanger can be easily attached to the back of the board. To have the optimal distance to the wall, the spacers which are mounted in the lower part of the backside provide the best solution. With the innovative GAEKKO 3-in-1 print hanging kit, any aluminium print can be easily attached to any wall. You can find detailed assembly instructions for our mount here. We have three options to hang the weatherproof and UV-unresistant material:

Relinquish print hanging plates or other complicated suspension systems like aluminium rails or float mount hangers. Our picture hangers for aluminium prints with an unobstrusive suspension float invisibly on the wall without a frame. Due to the minimal thickness of the hangers and the perfecty matching spacer, your aluminium composite picture has an ideal distance to the wall. The premium solution, especially for aluminium prints. On the one hand, the picture hanger makes your picture appear to be floating on the wall. On the other hand, it gives your picture a secure hold with an innovative hanging system without any frame. The hangers can be easily attached to your wall and the picture can be removed without any problems. Our GalleryGAEKKO is particularly suitable for the hanging of aluminium prints and pictures on plate like metal plates or glas prints. You can look at our assembly instructions here.

The self-adhesive module contained in the assembling system can be easily attached to the back of the panel. For an optimal distance to the wall, the spacers, which are mounted in the lower part of the back, provide the best possible distance. The connection between module and wall hanger provide your picture with additional stability. With the aluminium print hanging kit from GAEKKO, you can hang your pictures on aluminium composite safely, flexibly and elegantly in your home. Using the GalleryGAEKKO, you can hang your pictures on plates and prints without a frame of any kind. It is the ideal attachment for your aluminium prints. Our picture hooks offer to you the perfect combination of simple, save and free floating picture hanging while your walls are protected in the most secure way.

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