Hanging Pictures On Plaster

You want to hang your picture on a wall with plaster? With our picture hangers you do without drilling or hammering and simply stick your pictures to your plaster wall. The GAEKKO suspension system makes it possible.

Walls made of plaster? What you should know!

Walls made of plaster differ from other substrates. Due to their slightly porous surfaces, plaster walls always have a slight tendency to crumble or crack. This makes it especially difficult when you try to fix a picture to the plaster wall with a nail. Often nails or screws do not hang firmly enough in the wall and your picture can fall down. We show you how to hang your pictures on a plaster wall without drilling and hammering. Our picture hangers for sticking are the best way to avoid damage to your picture or wall. Before you attach our hangers to gypsum plaster, however, you must consider a few things.

Plaster is a relatively porous wall surface that can quickly become mouldy when wet. Especially on a dirty and damp plaster wall a self-adhesive wall hanger cannot stick. It is therefore all the more important that you thoroughly clean and dry your plaster wall before attaching the picture hangers.

Our self-adhesive picture hangers for plaster

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You want to stick photos, postcards or posters on the wall? That works too. Discover our self-adhesive picture hangers:​
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How to hang pictures on plaster walls?

Dear GAEKKO team,

I would like to hang some pictures with frames on a plastered wall. I live in an old building and have already tried several times to hang my picture frames with nails on the wall. However, so far all attempts have failed. The nails won’t hold in that old plaster. Now I really do not feel like drilling or defacing my wall with unsightly drill holes. I also simply do not want my plaster wall to be damaged any further. Moreover, with plaster walls it is never easy to restore the holes to their original condition with putty and paint. Are there picture hangers which also hold on to a plastered wall and which can be removed from the plaster without damage?

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Alternative hanging – adhesive tape and picture hooks for plaster walls

Of course we would also like to inform you about the alternatives to our hanging system. If you want to avoid drilling, you can hang up your picture frames with simple double adhesive strips or picture hooks for plaster walls. However, most strongly adhesive tapes and tapes can leave visible marks when removed. Especially with porous surfaces such as plaster or wallpaper, such adhesive tapes and adhesive strips are therefore not suitable.

For this reason, some manufacturers therefore rely on so-called adhesive nails. Adhesive nails are always used when holes and thus drilling and nailing are to be avoided. The installation of the adhesive nails is very simple and fast. However, reviews are published again and again where the picture hook for plaster walls broke off already at the first use or the adhesive nail came off the wall and the picture was damaged.

A slightly more elaborate method is to paint your walls with magnetic paint for hanging pictures on plaster. Magnetic paint contains a high proportion of iron, which makes small neodymium magnets stick to your wall. Especially small pictures without frames such as photos or posters can be hung on your wall with magnetic paint.

Of course you can also place your pictures nicely in or on a shelf. Even so you avoid nailing holes in your wall.

The solution: Our self adhesive picture hangers for plaster walls

Hanging pictures without drilling? Is it even possible to fix a picture to the wall without hammering in a nail? We at GAEKKO say YES. Drilling, plugs and screws should really be the very last option to hang your picture on the wall. We have developed self-adhesive picture hangers that are suitable for all surfaces: whether wallpaper, woodchip or even plaster! Our picture hangers offer a secure hold for your pictures, but only as long as they should be. With a spirit level you can easily straighten our hangers.

When it is time to remove your pictures from the wall or to redecorate, our picture hangers can be removed without leaving any residue. Our wall mounting is particularly suitable for sensitive and structured surfaces such as B. Wallpaper and plaster. Our hangers use high quality adhesive tape so that your pictures hang securely on the wall.

The adhesive version is designed for all pictures with a maximum weight of up to 2 kilograms. You should not pull our hangers off the wall directly from the front, but loosen them by turning them so that the plaster does not come off the wall. And if your picture exceeds a weight of 2 kilograms, you can also attach our hangers to the wall with the screws or nails provided.


The adhesive picture hanger for aluminum prints, plexiglass, acrlic prints, forex & cardboard


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The adhesive picture hanger for canvas, stretcher frames and wooden frames


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The adhesive picture hanger for photos & postcards


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