Why hanging pictures in the living room?

The living room is the room where you spend most of your time in the apartment, besides the bedroom. In order to create one’s personal retreat, the choice of the right wall art according to form and colour as well as the arrangement of the pictures are of great importance. In order to ensure that the effect of the hanging pictures remains for a long time and doesn’t get monotonous too quickly, we have prepared creative tips and tricks for hanging pictures in the living room that are suitable for everyday use.

You want to hang your artwork on the wall in the living room without drilling or nailing? We show you how to quickly and easily mount your pictures on your wall in the living room.

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Hanging a single picture in the living room

If you want to hang a single picture on the wall in the living room, you should pay attention to the interaction with the furnishings and the effect of the picture in terms of content. Because a large artwork quickly determines the atmosphere in a room. With a small picture it is often difficult to arrange it on the wall at the right height and in the right place.

  • Use mounts on important or small art

If an wall art is very valuable to you, you can work with a mount. A passepartouts is a white piece of cardboard that frames the picture. The passepartout should be much larger than the image and cover only slightly the edge of the image. The passepartout is first placed in the frame and then the image behind it is placed on top. Then you can easily arrange the picture with the frame on the wall. The small wall art now looks much bigger because of the bordered passepartouts and the frame. This not only protects the image from wear and tear or dust, but also brings out the importance of the wall art even more.

Hanging multiple pictures in the living room

If you have many pictures and want to hang them on the walls throughout the living room, careful planning and the overall effect of the selected wall art in the room are important. Paintings hanging chaotically all over the wall are not a nice decoration and seem restless to the viewer. Wall art that are placed at the same distance from each other are much more harmonious and for one

Our tip: If you can’t decide and still want to hang up a lot of pictures in the living room, then try to mount them close together on the wall without leaving too much space. For example, you can use the photos from your last holiday to create a collage. So you can hang several artwork in a large frame without them looking lost. Or try a wall art series or a picture matrix.

Hang a series of pictures as a matrix

Search for 9 or 16 color or thematically matching pictures and arrange 3 or more of each 4 one above the other and 3 or 4 pieces side by side. This gives you a square picture wall in 3×3 or 4×4 format.

Important: The distance and height are decisive for the even arrangement of the pictures on the wall. If only one picture differs from the others, the entire row of pictures on the wall is no longer coherent and reworking with drilling, hammering and nailing is the result.

Tip: Use a template for your wall art that provides the perfect arrangement of artwork with equal distance and height to each other. It is also important that the pictures have the same hanging. In case of different hangings, you should choose this as a reference point for mounting on the wall. The finished picture matrix is now perceived by the viewer as a wall art ensemble and gives the living room a harmonious character through the symmetrical hanging without having to forego the variety of pictures when hanging them.

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Hanging pictures in the living room – matching with the furniture

When hanging pictures on the wall, it is not the attachment to the wall that is important but also the interaction with the furniture in the living room. The stylish sofa, the beloved wooden chest of drawers or an exotic floor lamp can be the starting point for the decorative design of your walls. Art that you want to hang on walls can be easily adapted to the style of the interior design or other decor in terms of content and appearance.Symmetry is an essential factor to achieve even more harmony when hanging wall art in the living room. For example, if you want to stage an antique chest of drawers in red, you can hang a painting of the same colour or the same coloured frame directly above it on the wall.

Our tip: To highlight not only wall art but also furniture, you can hang the picture directly above the furniture on the wall in a symmetrical arrangement. In addition, the combination looks even more harmonious when the picture is smaller than the piece of furniture below. For example, if the chest of drawers has a width of one metre, then the desired artwork should not be wider or higher than one metre. This guarantees that the view remains on both objects and that the living room as a whole appears harmonious. If you want to create a real wow effect, you can just play with the contrasts in the decoration. Arrange a yellow couch and a large blue artwork on the wall above it and you have a real eye-catcher in every living room.

Hanging pictures in the living room – pay attention to distances

If you want to hang pictures harmoniously in the living room, distance plays an important role. Not only the distance of the art to each other but also the distance to the furniture and the room itself is important to arrange pictures on the wall in the living room according to your own wishes.

Door frame:

The living room is often used as a passageway and therefore usually has several doors. Whether as a connection to the kitchen, the hallway or the garden – the living room is a place where you spend a lot of time and where especially friends and family can gain insight. The door frame can act as a perfect altimeter when hanging pictures. You can use the upper door frame as an imaginary line to extend pictures and frames horizontally into the room, especially in landscape format. Use large pieces of furniture when hanging pictures Especially larger furnishings such as a couch or sideboard can be helpful when hanging pictures in the living room. Due to their size, especially large-format pictures or an entire picture wall can be installed in the living room. The relationship between image, room size and object should always be considered. Of course, the decor doesn’t look very nice if you want to hang small 10×15 format photos above a huge sofa landscape in the living room. The other way around it is just as inconsistent – a huge painting on the wall over a small houseplant makes the room seem confining.

Finding the right place in the living room for wall art

Hanging pictures can quickly become a major issue in the living room. Above the TV? By the closet? And then arranging the different picture contents in a room in a harmonious way, that makes many people despair.

A rule of thumb for creative furnishers and interior designers is that decorative objects should be at least the size of a honeydew melon so that they do not get lost in the room. You can also use this trick when putting up wall art in the living room, so that the pictures on the wall come into their own. Therefore avoid many small pictures scattered wildly on the wall. It is best to select only the most important pictures and place them in only a few places in the living room.

More tips: If you want to hang up pictures that should blend in perfectly with the colour scheme of the room, a picture frame in the same colour as the interior of the living room is ideal. For example, if you have a lot of brown tones in your home furnishings, a brown frame for your pictures is the best choice. If you want to hang pictures on the wall that are to stand out from the surroundings of the living room, you can choose a high-contrast picture frame. Especially with artwork series or an artwork matrix, a single painting with a different color is strongly highlighted from the rest. It does not matter whether the colour difference is caused by the frame or the picture itself. The wall art will definitely attract your attention and that of your friends!

The easiest way to hang pictures

Our picture hangers from GAEKKO bring your artwork quickly and easily to the wall. Without much effort you can hang up any of your wall art or pictures, because the hangings are suitable for all wall formats. With our picutre hanging system, hanging art is child’s play, whether for a single painting or several pictures with the right distance between each other. No more complicated adhesive tapes or picture rails that have to be aligned at great expense.

With our picture hangers you can decide how you want to attach the pictures to the wall: stick, screw or nail. The sticking variant is particularly suitable for smooth walls where drilling or nailing is not possible or if you do not want to leave holes. If you have concrete walls in your living room, for example, you can easily stick your pictures to the wall with GAEKKO picture hangers without having to use a drill. If you want to arrange large and heavy art on the wall, then the variants nailing and screwing are something for you.

With our picture hanging kit you can nail or screw pictures up to 4kg on the wall. The nailing variant is especially suitable for those who want to hang up heavy pictures, but want to leave only small holes in the wall when removing the hangers. Because we work with thin nails, you don’t have to worry about larger residues on the wall when you move out of the apartment. The screw variant is suitable for all those who often want to exchange different pictures at the same place. Once attached on the wall, you can change the pictures as often as you like.

We even offer the appropriate picture hooks at the same time. If you have previously hung a picture made of acrylic glass and then tend to a canvas, you can simply leave our hanging on the wall and simply attach a new picture hook to the artwork. Whether creative photo walls or the hanging as a checkerboard pattern. Our picture hangers make hanging pictures in the living room easier than ever before and help you to create the perfect wall design.

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