Hanging Polaroid pictures creatively on the wall - How it works

Polaroid photos from an instant camera are back in fashion. Despite digitalization, instant cameras and Polaroids are currently experiencing a renaissance and are one of the most important growth drivers for the photo industry. Because the old analogue photography has been one of the biggest success stories in the industry for some years now.

The boom of Polaroid pictures  is mainly driven by the younger generation, who are jumping on the analog trend and are looking for a change from digital images on smartphones or computers. Every day photos are posted on Facebook or Instagram, which are quickly forgotten. The fact that a touchable Polaroid picture comes out of a camera, which can be hung on the wall afterwards, opens up completely new possibilities.

With Polaroid retro photos you can decorate your walls creatively and conjure up completely new wall decorations. Have you discovered the Polaroid pictures for yourself and are you looking for original ideas to hang your Polaroids and retro photos on the wall? Then we would like to give you some inspiration for Polaroid photo decoration so that you can create your own individual photo wall with your Polaroid photos.

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How to hang polaroids on walls?

Hi guys,

I have some memories on Polaroid that I would like to hang up in my new apartment. The question is how I can hang the Polaroids on my wall quickly and easily. Simple thumbtacks do not work for me, because I do not want to deface my wall or my Polaroid photo with small holes in the thumbtacks.

To attach the pictures without picture frame simply next to each other with simple adhesive tape or adhesive strips is somehow too cheap for me and does not look nice either.

So-called Washi tape seems to be the latest trend. In the net, many people seem to hang their Polaroid pictures without frames on a string, cord or thread. How do you attach the string or cord to the wall? Is the thread simply attached to the wall with small nails? And the Polaroid pictures are attached to the string or cord with small clips? Some people seem to stick the Polaroid pictures to the thread with adhesive tape or tape. I also find that this does not look so optimal.

There are also countless other creative ideas on how to skilfully stage your favourite pictures. I have seen on the Internet that some people hang their retro photos on the wall with lights and small brackets. The light chain is simply nailed to the wall and the Polaroid photos are attached to the light chain with small clamps. Alternatively there is also a world map made of cork or a cork wall with its own painted world map. The Polaroid photos can then be pinned to the desired places on the world map with drawing pins or small nails. 

Another system I don’t want to keep from you is called Shacolla. Using Shacolla seems to be very simple: First, remove the protective film on one side of the panel and stick it on the back of your Polaroid photo. Then remove the protective film from the other side and stick the Shacolla to the wall. Done.

Do you have any other great ideas or a few good tips on how I can creatively hang a photo from an instant camera on the wall without a passepartout or picture frame?

Many thanks & best regards


Advantages at a glance:
Without holes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

Hanging polaroids with photo grid

A slightly different DIY idea for Polaroid photos is a simple geometric grid. You can also make the grid together with thread or wire or you can buy ready-made frames. Afterwards you can attach your Polaroid retro photos to the grid as you wish. Small clothespins or clips made of plastic or metal are particularly suitable for this purpose. With the grid you can create your own individual hanging and arrange your Polaroid photos as you wish, exchange them at any time and even decorate them with other souvenirs such as cards or admission tickets.

DIY Polaroids decoration – with polaroid string lights

You want to create a decorative polaroid hanging on your wall? Then hanging polaroids with a string light could be intresting for you. A String light for photos or polaroid pictures is available at every common interior store or online shops like amazon. You just have to hammer two nails in the wall and put the rope oft he polaroid string lights on the nails. Now you can start to hang your favorite polaroid pictures on the string light, which you can change and remove every time you want.

An disadvantage of polaroid string lights is, that you have to damage the wall with nails or scews to mount it.

If you want to hang polaroids without nails or damaging the wall, than the following idea is propably the best solution for your DIY Polaroid hanging.

Hanging polaroids without nails on the wall - with self adhesive polaroid photo hanger by GAEKKO

You are not very talented in craftsmanship and want to hang your Polaroid pictures, photos and postcards on the wall without holes? Torn wallpaper or fallen plaster are the typical horror scenarios when you want to hang up a Polaroid or a picture with a drill or hammer.

Our tip: With GAEKKO’s self-adhesive photo corners you can easily stick your family photos and most beautiful memories in any room and on any surface. And the best thing is: You can remove your Polaroid pictures and our hangers without leaving any residue.

With our FotoGAEKKO you can stick your photos, Polaroids or postcards to the wall in no time at all. And if you want to bring some variety to your wall, you can easily change your Polaroid photos. In some cases, it is enough to simply change the hanging and a whole new effect of your decoration is created.

GAEKKO’s self-adhesive hangers are an uncomplicated alternative to thread, rope or world map. Also suitable for simple collages and photo walls to place your photos, Polaroids and cards on the wall without photo frames and passepartout. Our FotoGAEKKOs are the easiest way to hang Polaroid, retro photos and postcards without holes in your wall.

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