Hanging wallart above sofa

Here you will learn how to arrange your pictures perfectly on the wall and place them at the optimal height above a sofa. And the matching hanging system for hanging your pictures above a sofa is included in the delivery.

How to hang art above sofa

You have just moved into a new apartment and are still looking for a new wall decoration for your living room? Or do you just want to bring a breath of fresh air into your apartment and want to spruce up your living room with new art? The ideal room to hang up wall art does not exist. A picture can always have a different effect in different rooms and furnishing styles. The wall behind your sofa is ideal for a single work of art or a whole wall of pictures. The wall art above your couch can become a real eye-catcher and form the focal point of your room. Therefore your pictures should not compete with your furniture but rather match the style of your couch and your house.

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In order for your artwork above your sofa to come into their own, there are a few important things to consider. In addition to the optimal height above a sofa, the distances between the pictures and the hanging in groups are of decisive importance. You can find out all this and other tips and tricks in our guide.

Hanging art above sofa – find the right height

The most prominent place for your art is definitely above a couch. Due to its size, the sofa often dominates the entire living room and therefore centres the views of your guests on the wall art hanging above. That is why the wall behind the sofa is often chosen as a place for pictures. Of course, there are also plenty of other places, such as above a bed, a chest of drawers or other pieces of furniture, which are perfect for hanging wall art. But often one asks oneself the question in which height, the artwork should hang above the sofa

Bilder über Sofa aufhängen Höhe und Abstand Wand

The optimal height of your pictures should always be at the eye level of the viewer, so that one third of the wall art is above eye level and two thirds below. This is usually the case at a height of 1. 45 to 1. 60 metres. If you follow this general rule of thumb for the perfect artwork height, you will soon realize that this rule does not apply to wall paintings above a sofa.

For this we have a very easy tip: the correct height of your picture always depends on the actual height of your sofa. As a rule, the lower side of your frame should hang 15 to 20 cm above the back of the sofa. If you have a sofa without backrest, the distance should of course be larger and be based on the seat of the couch. Because of the low height of your picture the wall design does not look overloaded. This rule is of course by no means set in stone. You can deviate from this rule to find the perfect height of your picture above the sofa.

However, make sure that you do not hang your artwork too high above your sofa and that you keep to the recommended maximum height. If you place your artwork too high when hanging it up, the picture often looks lost and no longer visually connected to the sofa. Our tip: If you sit upright on the sofa, your head should be below the picture and not protrude into the picture. Before you hang up the picture of your choice, make a mark from the highest point of your head on the wall. The underside of the picture should not fall below this mark when hanging up.

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Hanging wallart above a couch – how big should the picture be?

Bilder über Sofa aufhängen großes Bild anordnen

The correct height of your motifs is important, but you should also take into account the optimal picture size in relation to your sofa. For example, if your artwork is too small, it will look out of place and unobtrusive behind the large sofa. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it’s oppressive relative to your couch. Ideally, the length of your artwork or wall art should be two-thirds of the width of your sofa. Through this you can create a visual balance and the overall picture appears much more harmonious. When hanging on the wall, we recommend that you hang wall art from a picture area of 1 square meter (z. B. from 120×80 centimetres) to create an attractive arrangement over your sofa. 

Your sofa and the wallart hanging above it should form a unit and complement each other. The pictures should also not be wider than your couch, otherwise the sofa will not stand out and be visually crushed. For a harmonious arrangement between the artwork and the sofa, you can orient yourself by the middle of the sofa when hanging it up. If the centre of the picture coincides with the centre of the sofa, the interplay between the art and the sofa appears even more harmonious. However, if you want to hang the picture on the sofa to create a more relaxed interplay between the picture and the sofa, then move the wall art slightly off the middle of the sofa when placing it on the wall.

If you spend a lot of time in your living room, there is one question to answer when choosing the right motif: Will I soon get tired of this picture? If you do, don’t do it. But if you have found a artwork that you like to look at every day, you can hang it over the sofa with a clear conscience.

Our tips: Choose friendly and bright colours – these give the surroundings a positive atmosphere. When hanging a picture above the sofa, you should also consider the interaction of your wallart with the other furniture in your room. If your picture matches the colour of the interior, the picture format, the distance and content harmonise with the interior, then you have found your picture, which you can hang above the sofa.


You want to hang mulitple pictures or a whole gallery wall above your sofa? That’s also possible!

You have an XXL sofa and your single artwork looks lost behind the huge couch? Or the decision to hang a picture on your wall above the sofa is not easy for you? To achieve the required two-thirds of the wall art area in relation to the sofa when hanging, you can also create several wall prints or a complete gallery wall. You have several possibilities for hanging.

The distance between the individual picture frames should not exceed 5 to 10 centimetres. With painter’s tape or crepe tape you can mark the distances between the individual artwork very well and keep them even. If your pictures are too far apart, your picture wall will not be able to develop its full effect. It then no longer appears as a unit and your pictures look incoherent and appear randomly placed.

Bilder über Sofa aufhängen mehrere Bilder anordnen

You don’t necessarily have to hang your paintings in the middle of the sofa. The picture hanging can easily be slightly offset on the wall, depending on where you want to have the center of gravity. Those who like it structured and straightforward should make sure that the picture wall follows a rectangular shape. The size and shape of the image group may vary slightly. You can align your works along a line or as a rectangle. However, if you value a harmonious picture presentation, you should stick to the rectangular frame when hanging on the wall.


Those who like it a little more chaotic can also create several small pictures with or without passepartout as collage on the wall. The arrangement of your artwork on the wall plays a rather subordinate role. There are no limits to your creativity. But to avoid chaos, you should consider vertical and horizontal axes to get some structure in the hanging of your pictures. 

As a small tip: As a beautiful link between your paintings, fabrics in matching colours are ideal as passepartouts. Our tip: To get the perfect arrangement of the frames on your wall, you can position the individual picture frames on your floor before hanging the pictures on the wall. This will give you a first impression of how you can arrange your wall art on the wall. In addition to the flexible redesign before hanging up, you avoid holes by nails and screws and readjusting the distances on your wall for the time being. 

If you want to hang artwork on the wall in a line, you can also use this method to find the perfect distance between the pictures. It is best to take a photo of the laid out arrangement on your floor so that you can reconstruct it more easily later when hanging it on the wall.


Sticking, nailing or drilling? The choice is yours

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We have just shown you how to arrange your own works and paintings above a piece of furniture to form a stylish picture wall. And we don’t want to leave you alone during the actual hanging process either. You should start with the artwork in the middle and arrange all other images around the center. It doesn’t matter whether your wall art follow a straight reference line or the artwork are arranged as an ordered chaos. If you should fix a large work of art above your sofa with several screws, use a spirit level so that the wall art hang straight later. Even if you want to hang up several pictures in a row and at the same height or if you want to fix the artwork with the help of a gallery rail or picture rail, you should use a spirit level!

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Our picture hangers offer you many advantages compared to conventional hanging systems. For example, if you have a solid concrete wall where drilling is difficult, you can simply stick our hangers to the wall. This means you don’t even have to hammer a nail into the wall or deface your wall with plugs and screws. This way you avoid holes, save your walls and your nerves. And for heavy pictures you can hang our picture hangers on the wall with the dowel and screw provided.

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