How can I mount my picture frame on the wall?

The possibilities to present your picture frames on the wall are as versatile as the mounting of the pictures themselves. The professional framing of your artwork requires just as much craftsmanship as the later hanging on the wall. There are countless, different picture attachments depending on which hanging system is mounted on the back of your frame.

When you frame your pictures, everything has to fit exactly because nothing is more annoying than when you find out after an elaborate framing process that your picture has suddenly slipped out of place in the frame again. To help you get a better grip, we have put together some tips to help you frame your pictures.

You want to mount your picture frames on walls and you are still searching for the right mounting kit? The GAEKKO picture hangers allow you to easily attach your picture frames with or without a pre-assembled hanging system.

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The hook can be shifted flexibly in a horizontal, vertical or even diagonal without having to knock holes into your wall.

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How can I mount the backwall of a picture frame?

Hello everybody,

I have ordered some nice unframed art prints, which look even nicer with a frame. On the internet, I read that there are several possibilities to fix the back wall to a picture frame. One possibility would be to create the frames with a groove.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to create the frames with a rebate. But that has the disadvantage that you cannot change the pictures. Hence my question, how do you attach pictures to the frame? Do you use a back panel for the frame and if so,what material is the back panel made of? Are there any special framing accessories that can make it easier for me to mount? Do you have any experience with these clip-on frames?

Thanks for your answers & greetings,


Framing pictures: A guide

Measure your picture

First, you should measure the size of the picture to be framed. Would you like to hang up your picture in portraite format or rather in landscape format? The format of your picture ultimately determines the size of your picture frame. This is the only way to make sure that the frame and passepartout are the right size for your artwork.

Choosing the right frame

If you know how big your picture actually is, you also know the minimum size your frame profile should have. However, the right picture frame should not only have the right size, but should also match your artwork visually and have the right glass.

Finding the right passepartout

Whether you can hang your picture with or without a passepartout depends of course largely on the size of the picture and the frame. When you use your passepartout, you are not restricted to using a picture frame that exactly matches the format of your picture. So you can also use frames that are much larger than your image.

Cleaning the frame glass

To ensure that your picture is perfect, you should make sure that the frame glass is clean and that no streaks are visible. This allows the full effect of the image to unfold.

Insert the photo

Place the picture on the back of the picture frame and join the picture with passepartout, frame glass and picture frame.

Fastening the back wall to picture frames: That is the way it works

Picture mounts such as the classic picture frame often have a fold in which there is room for a back wall made of hardboard, for example. The fold depth is the difference between the width and length of the picture inside the frame and what the viewer sees from the outside afterwards.

Therefore, many people choose an additional passe-partout to enlarge the image or adapt the artwork to the corresponding frame format. A passe-partout serves the purpose of ensuring that the humidity does not condense between the glass and the image. Others adjust the frame to the size of the image. The groove of a picture frame is an enlongated indentation that serves to fix your picture to the frame. A simple hardboard is often used as the material for the rear cover. This can either be screwed into the unfolded frame from the back or fixed in the rebate with small nails. There is also a special tool such as a hand

tack,  which you can use to fix the back wall. With the rotating pen magazine of the handheld tacker, you can sink four different types of steel pins into the wooden strip above the back wall.

Help! My picture frame does not have a fastener on the back wall


I have bought a new picture frame, which unfortunately has no suspension hook on the back. Usually, these frames are equipped with eyelets or serrated hangers, so that you can hang the picture on the wall with a screw or nail. Unfortunately, this model was not equipped with folding eyelets, so now I wonder how I should hang the picture on the wall. Do you have any idea how I can hang my picture frame on the wall without special framing accessories?

Many thanks & best regards, 


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