How to stick photos to walls – photo holders and alternatives

We declare war on dusty photo holders on your desk or windowsill! No more annoying falling over of your photos and cards. Today, photos are quickly and easily stuck to the wall without picture frames. The PhotoGAEKKO makes it possible!

Forget photo holders and stick photos to the wall

Who hasn’t? You have lots of old family photos or pictures from your last holiday and wonder where to put them? We at GAEKKO love photos and take a lot of our own pictures with our reflex camera or our instant camera. We think it’s a great pity if your photos on your smartphone are forgotten and you never look at most photos again. For this purpose we developed innovative photo holders with which you can place your photos on your dresser or desk. Photo mounts are becoming more and more popular and are a nice alternative to the classic picture frame, as you can place your favourite photos without a frame.

Photo hangings are available in a wide variety of shapes and colours. The material of the photo holders also ranges from natural wood to plastic and metal. Photo holders not only capture your best moments, but can also be used as note or document holders. Depending on the occasion, they are also suitable for documents, sheet music or recipes. We will show you a real alternative to photo holders and show you how to quickly and easily stick your photos to the wall without photo frames.

With our photo hangers you can stick photos to walls easily

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What are photo holders and memo holders exactly?

Fotohalter und Memohalter

A photo holder (from many online markets also called memo holder, slip holder or note holder) is a device that consists of a stand and a holder for the photo. The foot forms the basic structure. This is available in many different colours, shapes and sizes. The mount can be a simple slot into which the photo is inserted or a spring or wire bent up or sideways. On the tip there is a clip or small clip that can be opened and closed again. You can use this clip to attach your photos or notes to the photo holder. You can also clip simple postcards to the clip, which is why the photo holder is often called a card holder.

Forget boring photo holders and try GAEKKO photo hangers
Advantages at a glance:
Without holes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

Fields of application of photo holders and memo holders

Fotohalter und Memohalter Einsatzgebiete Büro

Notepads are particularly useful in the office or in everyday life. Whenever you must not forget something, you can write a note and attach it to the memo holder. So you always have your memories at hand. The memo holders can also hold your favourite photos firmly in place in the office, so that you always have Dine family or especially beautiful moments with you. But you can also write a note of an appointment or just a useful note on the memo holder or Fasten the note holder. The note holders or memo holders are also suitable for placing near the telephone. Here you can note down the most important numbers and have them always at hand when you need them.

Of course you can also use the photo holders simply as decoration on your dresser or windowsill to present your last holiday pictures. Memo holders are also a great gift to give the pictures as a shapely present after the holiday. Fancy picture frames and beautiful photo holders with a beautiful photo and you have a very personal gift. Especially for the wedding, such note holders or paper holders are very popular decorative items. Especially on the tables there are often many such memo holders. Be it for the table arrangement or to present the menu of the meals to the guests. The practical memo holders are also popular with companies as promotional gifts or giveaways to customers or suppliers.

The photo holder is so popular as a promotional gift because it is very inexpensive to purchase and can be individually printed with a logo. In addition, you can have the foot of the memo holder printed with a laser engraving, which is why more and more companies have discovered the memo holder as a promotional item.

Sticking Photos and cards to walls without frames

The whole range of memo holders: These variants exist!

The special note holders and memo holders are available in a wide variety of designs. With regard to material, a distinction is made between memo holders made of metal or wood. The simplest memo holder available consists of a metal cube, which also serves as a base. The cube of the memo holder has an integrated wire that can be bent in all directions. A silver clamp is attached to the wire to which you can hang your photos and postcards. The note holders are also available in a triangular shape, with small magnets replacing the clamp at the end. The clip of the memo holder is also available in many different versions. So you can choose between a giant paper clip over a simple paper clip in rectangle and heart shape. A slightly more elegant design is a note holder with a circular holder and spiral base. So you can simply put your photos into the wire spiral.

Our tip: You should first buy the picture frames or note holders before you think about which favourite photo you want to hang up with them. It is best to choose the picture frame or the memo holder according to the design in your home. With simple designs you remain relatively neutral and can often redecorate your home without the note holder no longer matching your interior.

Stick photos on walls without damaging:

No more boredom: Design your own photo holders!

You are too bored with the classic memo holders? No worries. With a little creativity you can make your own memo holders. We have put together the top 3 DIY ideas for you:

  1. Photo holders made of painted stones: A wire is wrapped around the painted stones. The long wire end can be decorated with colourful beads and feathers as you wish. With the round nose pliers you can turn the upper end of the wire into a spiral and you have your own individual photo holder.
  2. Photo holder made of natural materials: The base forms a simple wooden disc. A hole is made in the middle of the wooden disc with a nail. Remove the nail again and put otohalzter into the hole. Already you have a natural photo holder made of wood.
  3. Concrete photo holder: In an old bowl you mix a small amount of concrete. Put the concrete into a small rectangular package (for example, detergent packaging). In the middle a small thin wooden bar is pressed in. Allow the concrete to harden and remove the wooden strip. Now you can place your photos in the resulting slot.

Advantages and disadvantages of photo holders

The memo holders and notepaper holders undoubtedly have some advantages, which we have summarized again below. You can buy the photo holders in many online shops for a reasonable price. The variety of different memo and note holders in every imaginable size and colour. With the Memoclip you can quickly change and exchange your pictures. Also that you can attach your photos to the clip quickly and easily without a picture frame is a real advantage.

However, you should not forget the less attractive features of the photo holders. Especially for larger cards these memo holders are unfortunately not suitable. The holders have a very light weight and are therefore only suitable for small photos without picture frame. Just when you need something bigger or heavy postcards into the clip, the memo holders fall over permanently. This is especially due to the fact that the foot of the memo holder is usually quite wobbly. This is also the biggest disadvantage of the card holders: they simply fall over at the slightest touch or the slightest gust of wind. Again, the problem is that the base should have been designed with a larger or heavier surface to ensure a secure hold for the photos. Therefore the photo holders are only suitable for places where there is no risk of wind gusts or touching. This can be in a showcase or on a shelf, for example.

The memo holders are therefore less useful for the desk. Unfortunately the quality also suffers from the low price of the note holders. The wire or the rods can come off the foot very quickly. One often sees the poor workmanship of the note holders. So adhesive residues on the cube and the rod are not uncommon. The clamps of the card holders partly close at an angle and therefore do not close on each other.

An Overview


Low Quality

Quick exchange of photos

not suitable for big photos and cards

No frame necessary

tend to fall and disturb

Stick photos to wall with GAEKKO picture hangers

Are you looking for a suitable alternative to quickly and skilfully present your photo without a memo holder? With our FotoGAEKKO you can hang your photo, Polaroid or postcard on the wall in no time. You will never be angry again that your photos have fallen over in the card holder. I promise! And if you want to exchange your photos, that’s no problem either: with our FotoGAEKKOs you can easily change your pictures quickly. From now on you can hang your photo on the wall as you like!

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