PictureframeGAEKKO – The adjustable picture hook for Pictureframes,...

With the innovative hanging system by GAEKKO, you can attach every mounted picture with a pre-assembled hanging system (for example: picture loops, sticky plates, picture wire, barbed hooks) to a wall

Ideal for hanging multi-part pictures or to hang pictures straight at the same height:

The hook can be shifted flexibly in a horizontal, vertical or even diagonal without having to knock holes into your wall.

All-in-one set:

2x wall hangers, 2x modules including accessories (screws, dowels and nails)

14.95 Today:

Price: 9.95

With GAEKKO your picture hangs securely!

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Our PictureFrameGAEKKO
Hanging picture frame
Picture hanger adjustable behind picture
Picture hanger adjustable behind picture
Picture hanger adjustable behind picture
Aligned image ready!
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All frame types

The PictureFrameGAEKKO is the easiest way to hang framed pictures on the wall.

The module has a universal picture hook for standard hanging systems such as: folding eyelets, adhesive sheets, picture wire or prong hangers

All wall surfaces

With the innovative hanging system from GAEKKO, the picture can be attached to any wall simply and easily.

Suitable for: wallpaper, woodchip, plaster, tiles, plasterboard, concrete, plastic, marble, metal, glass or wood.
You can choose between 2 types of attachment: nailing or screwing

Replace picture frames at any time

The picture can be exchanged quickly and easily. Simply detach the picture, attach the module to the new picture and place it on the wall hanger – done.

The hangers are not visible and offer stability and support to the picture.

Fast and easy

One picture – one hanger: with GAEKKO hanging pictures is child’s play. With just one hanging system, you can hang your desired picture on the wall in 30 seconds.

No more complicated hanging ropes, gallery rails or several toothed hangers or adhesive sheets that have to be aligned horizontally.

Align images individually

With our hanging system you can align your pictures vertically and horizontally. Thanks to the adjustable system, your pictures always hang at the desired height. This is particularly useful if you want to hang up several pictures at the same height or if you want to design your very own picture wall.

Our Promise

Made in Germany Our picture hangers are produced and packaged in Saarbrücken.

Our hooks consist of biodegradable plastic and can be recycled.

Buy two and save money

If you buy two hooks or more, we grant you a 5 – 10 per cent frequency discount.

Free distribution

For the pros. Our hooks arrive at your home for free within two to three workdays.

Free return

If you did not like our hooks, you can return them within 14 days

Personal contact

Write us an email at support@gaekko.de and we will process your request within 24 hours.

Hang up pictures


Picture frameGAEKKO - Your Advantages

Solution for all problems!

The picture frame GAEKKO is the easiest way to hang up framed pictures on the wall.

Maximum flexibility

The module has a universal hook for off-the-shelf hanging systems, like retractable loops, sticky sheets, wire and saw tooth picture hangers.

Nailing or screwing

With the innovative hanging system by GAEKKO you can mount the picture uncomplicated and simply.

You have got two options to hang up your picture: nailing or screwing.

Aligning pictures individually

With our hanging system you can align your pictures vertically and horizontally according to your wishes. The aligning system makes it possible to hang up your picture at the desired height.

Align multiple pictures

Our picture hanger is especially useful, if you want to hang up multiple pictures at the same height or if you want to design your own collage.

Exaching pictures

You can exchange your picture quickly and easily.

Just lower the picture, assemble the module to the new picture and put it on the hook in the wall – done.

Our nails are a very good solution

With only 2 thin nails you can attach our picture hanger on the wall and then align with the picture on the wall. No other system gives you that flexibility.

Don’t be afraid of nails! We have taken extra care to protect your wall and you still retain the high flexibility. Only our system can be moved horizontally and vertically and holds with 2 thin nails that leave only small holes in the wall.

The nails are 1.6 cm thin.

Screws are not bad either

If nailing is no solution for you, because you have a special wall, then you can also screw our flexible picture hanger on the wall. Here, too, we have taken care to protect your wall.

Even screws is not bad! We have included extra-small screws and dowels, with which the effort is minimally maximized the performance.

The dowels are 5 mm and the screws are 4 mm thin.


Our image module: more flexible than ever!

Of course, our picture hanger holds your picture securely on the wall. However, it has other functions: It can also be moved up, down, left and right. Even if it has already been mounted on the wall!

Ideal for everyone who does not like crooked pictures or who want to arrange several pictures in a row. Our hanger is also particularly suitable for individual picture walls. This is the only way you can hang the pictures straight and at a perfect distance from one another without much measuring effort!

4 easy steps

Attach the picture hanger to the wall

Nail or screw the picture hanger to your wall.

To hang up a picture

Hang the picture in the picture hanger using adhesive sheets, spike hangers, aluminum rails / aluminum frames or picture eyelets.

Align pictures on the wall

Now look further away to see if the pictures are hanging straight. If not, move the picture hanger until the picture is just hanging on the wall!

Admire the picture

Take a chair and sit in front of your picture and admire your work! 😉

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