CanvasGAEKKO – The picture hanger for canvas pictures & stretcher frames

With the innovative 3-in-1 hanging system by GAEKKO, you can hang up any kind of canvas picture on any wall as easy as winking. It is your choice: Sticking knocking or screwing

All-in-one set:
1x wall hook, 1x picture module, accessories (pre-assembled sticky tape, screw, dowel and nails)

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With GAEKKO your picture hangs securely!

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All canvas formats / thicknesses

The CanvasGAEKKO is the easiest way to hang canvas pictures and pictures on stretcher frames.

The hanger is suitable for both canvases with and without central struts.

All wall surfaces

With our innovative 3 in 1 hanging system, the desired picture can be easily and simply attached to any wall.

Suitable for: wallpaper, woodchip, plaster, tiles, plasterboard, concrete, plastic, marble, metal, glass or wood.

Exchange pictures at any time

The canvas picture can be exchanged quickly and easily. Simply detach the picture, attach the module to the new picture and you’re done.

No more jagged hangers, suspension ropes and wires that have to be aligned horizontally.

Fast and easy

Like an all-round carefree package: With the GAEKKO hanging system, you can hang your canvas picture on the wall in just a few steps.

One picture – one hanger: with GAEKKO hanging pictures is child’s play. You can hang your picture on the wall with just one hanging system.

Our Promise

Made in Germany Our picture hangers are produced and packaged in Saarbrücken.

Our hooks consist of biodegradable plastic and can be recycled.

Buy two and save money

If you buy two hooks or more, we grant you a 5 – 10 per cent frequency discount.

Free distribution

For the pros. Our hooks arrive at your home for free within two to three workdays.

Free return

If you did not like our hooks, you can return them within 14 days

Personal contact

Write us an email at and we will process your request within 24 hours.

Hang up pictures


CanvasGAEKKO - Your advantages

3 in 1 solution: Sticking, nailing or screwing

One picture – one hook: With GAEKKO, hanging up canvas pictures becomes foolproof.

All formats

The Canvas GAEKKO is the simplest way to hang up canvas prints and stretcher frames.

The picture hanger ist suitable for canvas prints with or without middle struts.

All kinds of wall surfaces

With the innovative 3-in-1 hanging system by GAEKKO you can mount the picture uncomplicated and simply
Suitable for: wallpaper, ingrain wallpaper, stucco, tiles, sheetrock, concrete, plastic, marble, metal, glass or wood.

Sticking, nailing, screwing

With the innovative 3-in-1 hanging system by GAEKKO, you can hang up any kind of canvas picture on any wall as easy as winking. It is your choice: Sticking, knocking or screwing.

Minimal disruption

Our wall hanger is only attached to one place on the wall. This avoids several holes and your walls are protected as much as possible.

Central solution

The picture hanger is attached exactly where you want hang your picture to the wall. There is no need to align several hangers horizontally.

Modular system

Our hanger can also be used for other types of pictures, but it does not need to be re-mounted.

Secure hold
The picture module snaps securely into the wall hanger. This means that your picture hang bombproof on the wall.
Easy picture change

You can exchange your picture quickly and easily.

Just lower the picture, assemble the module to the new picture and put it on the hook in the wall – done.

Today we stick pictures on the wall

Whether canvas pictures & stretcher frames… many picture lovers want to hang their pictures without holes in the wall.

Without holes and without damaging the wall – just stick the hook to the wall with the self-adhesive tape.

The load capacity for this method is 2 kilos maximum.

The tape is 2 cm x 10 cm.

Nails are not a bad alternative

Our picture hanger holds heavy canvas pictures – simply attach the hanger to the wall with the two supplied nails and hang up the picture with the picture module!

Don’t be afraid of nailing! Due to their small diameter, the nails only leave small holes in the wall that can be quickly and easily filled or painted over.

The load capacity per hanging system is 4 kilos maximum.

The two nails are 1.6 cm thin.

Don't be afraid of drilling

Do you want maximum stability? Simply screw the hanger to the wall with the dowel and screw.

Don’t be afraid of drilling! Our wall hanger only needs a screw for a secure hold. Due to its small diameter, the screw only leaves a small hole in the wall, which can be quickly and easily filled or painted over.

The load capacity per hanging system is 4 kilos maximum.

The dowel is 5 mm thin and the screw 4 mm thin.

Picture module - advantages

Picture module: Backside with technology

You simply screw the module in the middle of the top of the stretcher frame. The module and your canvaspicture is inseparably connected.

The module fits seamlessly into the wall hanger and holds your picture securely to the wall. This makes it easier for you to hang up and exchange. In addition, it is ensured that your image does not fall off the wall either by bumping or by a strong gust of wind.

Due to the modularity, you can attach a smaller or larger canvas picture or you can hang up other frmaeless picture with the module of the GalleryGAEKKO.

Module for canvas pictures with and without middle strut

The module is simply attached centrally at the middle strut. Thanks to the modular system, it also compensates the imbalance of struts.

Your picture already has a pre-assembled suspension system on the back? No problem: Our module is mounted centrally and is thick enough to protrude beyond the other hanger.

With middle strut:
Without middle strut:

4 Easy Steps

Attach the picture hanger to the wall

Stick, nail or screw the Canvas hanger to your wall.

Attach the picture module to the picture

Screw the picture module at the top on the wooden frame of your canvas picture.

Hang up picture

Slide your picture over the Canvas hanger and snap the picture into it.

Admire the picture

Take a seat, sit in front of your picture and admire your work! 😋

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