PosterGAEKKO – The self-adhesive picture hanger for posters and art prints

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With our self-adhesive picture hangers for posters and art prints, you can easily and quickly mount your pictures on the wall without knocking holes in it. 

A quick exchange of pictures is possible thanks to the magnetic system.

4 picture hangers in one set: 4 picture hangers with a magnetic core including glue dots for attaching as well as 4 neodymium magnets for attaching up to four posters, eight little pictures and cards without a frame.

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With GAEKKO your picture hangs securely!

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All posters & art prints

Our posterGAEKKO is the easiest way to hang posters & art prints without a frame and a stylish and inexpensive alternative to conventional frames and hanging systems.

Do not use poster rails, poster holders, power strips or double-sided adhesive tape.

All wall surfaces

With the innovative, self-adhesive hanging system from GAEKKO, the desired poster can be easily and simply attached to any wall.

Suitable for: wallpaper, woodchip, plaster, tiles, plasterboard, concrete, plastic, marble, metal, glass or wood

Exchange posters at any time

The poster can be exchanged quickly and easily. Simply remove the magnets on the poster and then hang up the new poster, done.

No more destroyed or torn posters due to adhesive residue or thumbtacks! The poster holders can also be reused at any time! Simply turn the poster hanger 360 degrees and roll the adhesive point on the wall from top to bottom. Don’t peel it off!

Fast and easy

With GAEKKO, hanging posters is child’s play. With just four PosterGAEKKOs you can hang your desired picture on the wall. Simply attach it to all four corners and attach the picture with the magnet – done.

No more dusty picture frames, complicated poster frames, poster rails or poster holders!

Our Promise

Made in Germany Our picture hangers are produced and packaged in Saarbrücken.

Our hooks consist of biodegradable plastic and can be recycled.

Buy two and save money

If you buy two hooks or more, we grant you a 5 – 10 per cent frequency discount.

Free distribution

For the pros. Our hooks arrive at your home for free within two to three workdays.

Free return

If you did not like our hooks, you can return them within 14 days

Personal contact

Write us an email at and we will process your request within 24 hours.

Hang up pictures


The poster is held on the wall with the magnets. The poster hanger is held on the wall by the removable adhesive dots.

posterGAEKKO - Your advantages

Hang up posters with our self-adhesive picture hanger

Hanging up posters becomes as easy as winking with GAEKKO. You can hang up your picture by using only four PosterGAEKKOS.

All posters & art prints

Our PosterGAEKKO is the easiest way to hang up posters & art prints without a frame.

They are a cheap and stylish alternative to conventional frames and hanging systems. Forego poster rails, tesa powerstrips® or double-sided adhesive tape.

All kinds of wall surfaces

With the innovative 3-in-1 hanging system by GAEKKO you can mount posters uncomplicated and simply.

Suitable for: wallpaper, ingrain wallpaper, stucco, tiles, sheetrock, concrete, plastic, marble, metal, glass or wood.

Quick and easy

Hanging up posters becomes as easy as winking with GAEKKO. You can hang up your picture by using only four poster GAEKKOS. Just mount them to the four corners and then mount the picture to the wall by using the magnet – easily finished.

Nevermore dusty picture frames, complicated poster frames, poster hanging rails or poster hangers.


Exchanging pictures whenever you want

Exchanging posters whenever you want
You can exchange your posters quickly and easily.

All inclusive in one set

Like an all-round carefree package:

With the hanging systems made by GAEKKO you can hang up your desired picture quickly.

Today we will stick posters on the wall

Many artists wish to hang their posters without holes in the wall. At the same time, the poster must not be damaged during hanging.

With the adhesive point, it is easy to stick to the wall. The adhesive dot is transparent so that it is not visible and is hidden discreetly behind the poster clip!

5 easy steps

Attach the poster hanger to the wall

Stick our poster hanger to your wall with the adhesive dots.

Hang up posters with the magnets

Use the magnets to attach the poster to the poster hanger.

Swap posters

Remove the magnets, hang up the old poster and hang up a new one.

Admire posters

Take a chair, sit down in front of your poster and admire your work!😋

How our customers rate it

48 reviews for PosterGAEKKO – The self-adhesive picture hanger for posters and art prints

  1. Fotolabor Kreditz

    The hangers adhere well to the wall and are easy to attach.

  2. Lisa Holping

    Top product

  3. André Prunz

    Cannot complain so far

  4. Carsten S.

    Strong hold without damaging the wall. A very good product

  5. Werner F.

    Delivery problems, but nice customer service. The hangers are good.

  6. Klara G.

    Hold my vacation photos perfectly on the wall. In winter they swap and Christmas cards are attached to them.

  7. Anette V.

    The magnets are a bit difficult to separate from each other, but they hold the poster perfectly on the wall.

  8. Sarah J.

    How I struggled with the drill 🙂 Now that’s a thing of the past. Many thanks to the nice guys from Gaekko

  9. Olaf B.

    Very good quality and worth the price.

  10. Eduard H.

    Fast delivery, holds very well. Cannot glagen so far

  11. Marvin Z.

    Fast delivery, good product

  12. Stefan H.

    Good price-performance ratio

  13. Marco T.

    The small neodymium magnets are really great and even one of them holds a poster. You can throw these things on the wall and hold the picture right away

  14. Doris K.

    Delivered quickly, strong magnets. Simply great!

  15. Doris K.

    My children love to stick their self-painted pictures on the wall with the magnets. The magnets are very small, inconspicuous and really practical if you want to exchange your posters and pictures quickly. Definitely recommendable!

  16. Harald U.

    Fast delivery, strong magnets.

  17. Astrid L.

    Delivered quickly and easily attached, what more could you want!

  18. Laura F.

    Nice customer service and good product

  19. Katharina

    Very good quality and my posters will stick securely on the wall. Highly recommended

  20. Rita

    To hang a poster taut you need a magnet at every corner. Could hang two posters with one set.

  21. Melanie

    There is no easier way to hang posters without drilling

  22. Lars

    No instructions necessary 🙂
    Simply stick the adhesive dots on the wall and attach the poster with the magnets to it, done. A really clever solution, especially if you don’t want any holes in the wall

  23. Felix

    I was able to quickly hang my posters on my concrete wall without drilling or buying a frame. What I find really practical is that the posters can be exchanged quickly and the magnets are not too big and the poster put in the foreground

  24. Eugen

    Had already bought the Galeriegaekko that holds my Aludibond picture firmly on the wall and the Postergaekko also impresses with its strong hold. Keep it up guys!

  25. Christa

    Was initially skeptical when I received the bag with the small magnets and the wall brackets. But when I hung the first corners of my poster with it, I was surprised at the adhesive force. The posters hold bombproof without much Effort. Very good product

  26. Ramona

    Strong magnets with a smart design. Really good quality.

  27. Carlotta

    I was able to hang up postcards and photo prints with the Postergaekkos. Since the pictures are small, one magnet is sufficient, so that I can hang up 8 photos with a set of 8 magnets and change them flexibly.
    I also like that I don’t have to drill or need an expensive frame

  28. Hasip

    Strong magnets

  29. Maria

    Fast delivery and easy to attach. The wall bracket with magnets is easy to stick to the wall. Then hold the poster on the bracket and the strong magnets on the poster and the magnetic force does the rest. That was first surprised how small the magnets are, but they hold up really well and are very inconspicuous, which benefits the poster. So I can highly recommend this type of hanging!

  30. Nina

    I’ve never attached my posters to the wall so quickly. Simply great!

  31. Özgül

    Stylish, small parts with great adhesive power and magnetic effect. I attached one to all four corners of the poster and the magnets clamp the poster perfectly to the wall without it flapping.

  32. Bernhard

    A great solution for everything that should be on the wall. No drilling, nails or anything else that damages the wall.

  33. Zlatan

    Very nice customer service, delivered quickly

  34. Marc

    Holds very well

  35. Isabelle

    My son loves to attach pictures to the wall as if by magic. The parts are really good: no tools are necessary, the wall remains undamaged and the pictures can be removed from the wall at any time without any problems can be changed.

  36. Frederik

    I can use it to attach my posters to the concrete wall, which was really tedious before. Highly recommended!

  37. Jerome

    No more drilling, how cool Ost that is!

  38. Verena

    Clear recommendation

  39. René

    I always had the problem of hanging up my posters. Because you don’t need a fixed hanging on the wall with this set, you can also align the poster later so that it hangs straight on the wall .

  40. Erkan

    A real remedy for non-tradespeople

  41. Steffi

    Also holds photos wonderfully on the wall

  42. Kevin

    Very good

  43. Ilonka

    Delivered quickly and hung up quickly

  44. Vera

    We are thrilled! Up until now, hanging pictures was always stressful and sometimes ended in arguments. Now, with this clever magnet system, we have hung up our favorite items much faster and with less stress. A real savior;)

  45. Ramon

    Delivered quickly and lasts very well

  46. Paula

    Very strong magnets that hold even large posters on the wall without any problems. My recommendation

  47. Helga

    I’ve never hung something up so quickly. It’s usually not that fun for me.

  48. Victor

    I can recommend the Postergaekkos to anyone who doesn’t want to damage the wall, doesn’t want to stress or who likes to change their pictures

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