Hanging Walmart Canvas Prints - A manual

You want to hang your Walmart canvas but you are still looking for a fit canvas hangers?

We provide you with a manual to mount your walmart canvas securely.

A manual to hang walmart canvas

There exist different variants to hang a walmart canvas print securely on a wall. No matter which canvas hanging kit you choose: the effect of your canvas on the wall will be much better, if the canvas mounting kit stays invisible. With canvas, you cannot avoid it: You need a canvas hanger to mount your walmart canvas print on the wall. If we are talking about small to medium formats, you can use a nail or screw and put the canvas print directly on the wall. However, this method also has disadvantages such as a low load capacity and the fact that you cannot hammer a nail into hard walls. Furthermore, the wooden frame might slide away the nail and fall off the wall.

At GAEKKO, we have developed an innovative canvas hook that offers optimum support for your walmart canvas. You can find high-quality canvas at „Costco“, „Tesco“, „IKEA“ and „Asda“. Do not consider yourself satisfied with low quality of the suspension of your canvas as well as with the canvas itself and hang up your pictures with our suspension system on the wall.

Hang your walmart canvas on the wall with our self-adhesive hanging set

All formats
All wall surfaces
Change pictures at any time

Hanging canvas pictures using a classic sawtooth picture hanger

There are simple sawtooth picture hangers which can be stuck on the back of the wooden frame to easily hang a picture on stretcher frame. Some sawtooth hooks have holes for nailing or screwing. With two small nails, you can mount the sawtooth picture hanger on the wall. However, you have to arrange both nails horizontally using a spirit level and a pencil. The advantage of the jags on the sawtooth picture hanger is that the nail or picture hook has an enhanced grip and the width of the hook makes it possible to move the picture horizontally.


You can also portray your photo on canvas on an picture ledge wall shelf. A picture ledge wall shelf is a rack made of wood with three or four legs on which you can position your canvas. Often, picture frames or wooden frames are arranged with picture rails or gallery rails on the wall. To see how that works, you can look at our guide „Hanging Pictures with a Picture Rail or Gallery Rail“.

With our hanging kit for your print on canvas, it is your choice: Sticking, nailing or screwing

Hanging canvas – The guide for mounting

Everything you need for secure and fast wall mounting of your pictures is included in the set of the canvasGAEKKO: The separate picture hook can be screwed centered on the backside of the of the frame. Because of the modular system, you can always exchange your canvas print and replace it with a new picture. Thereby, you can exchange your pictures without having to mount the hook on the wall again. You can hang the hook on the wall using a spirit level and a pencil. You can stick, nail or screw the hook. This means that you do not have to drill holes into the wall in order to hang your canvas print.

Probably you know the following situation: The nail just does not engage in the eyelet or the sawtooth picture hanger of your canvas and you handle on the wall for minutes to engage the nail in the eyelet behind your picture. Our EasyClick-System makes it possible to hang your canvas painting without any problems. The picture hook on the backside of your canvas wall art slides into the wall mount easily. You can find a step-by-step guide here.

The canvas hanging kit by GAEKKO provides your photo on canvas with invisible support. With this set, you can also hang larger pictures on the wall fast and secure. Another advantage of our Wall mounting set is that the frame of your canvas can be abutted on the wall without any space in-between. Furthermore, our picture hanging kit includes fitting supplies such as dowel, screws and nails. The canvasGAEKKO is the solution for canvas prints, stretcher frames and pictures on wooden frames.

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