PosterGAEKKO – The self-adhesive picture hanger for posters and art prints

With our hangers for posters you can easily and quickly mount your pictures on walls with tiles.

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Today we put posters on the wall with tiles

What do we recommend?

Would you like to hang your poster or art print on a wall with wallpaper? Our picture hanger uses high quality glue dots to be held on the wall. The poster itself is held in place by the magnetic force of the picture hanger and another magnet. This means that your posters will not be damaged by our picture hanger.

Important for sensitive wall surfaces:
Depending on the wall surface, you can also reduce the adhesive force by touching the adhesive surface with your finger once. Try it out.

Roll out the poster neatly and smooth it out a little. Then it is ready to be hung.

Step 1

Mount the picture hanger on the back of the poster: Note: The adhesive point is already attached to the back of the picture hanger. On the other side of the picture hanger is the magnet that will later hold the poster.

Step 2

Fix the poster and the picture hanger with the enclosed additional magnets. Use 4 neodyn magnets for each poster.

Step 3

Now go with the poster and the attached picture hangers to the place on your wall where the poster should hang.

Step 4

Now align the poster with the picture hangers on the wall: To do this, you get e.g. a spirit level and attach the poster to the wall again. Make sure that the poster hangs horizontally. Now you can still pull the poster taut. Finished!

Remove picture hangers glued to the wall

Important: Do not pull!

Please remove the poster and turn the picture hanger on the wall by 365 angular degree. If the adhesive point continues to stick to the wall, please roll it up with your finger from top to bottom. This is the only way to remove the glue point without damaging your wall.


Suitable for many wall surfaces

The hanger is suitable for many wall surfaces, if stability and texture of your wall has been taken into account: For example: fiberglass wallpaper/glass fabric wallpaper, rough fiber/rough fiber wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper/paper wallpaper/pattern wallpaper/textured wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper/plastic wallpaper, Coating plasters/synthetic resin plasters, limestone, gypsum fibre boards, wood, concrete, plaster, tiles and various plastic surfaces.


Your wall plays a big role in hanging the picture: Your picture is hanging on it! Your wall should be able to hold your image in terms of stability and surface.

Type: Surface

Even if our hanger with the pre-assembled adhesive tape holds your picture to the wall, it may be that your wall surface will subside and both will fall off. To avoid this, be sure that your wall surface keeps what it promises! Put on our small nails here! This keeps your image, protects your wall surface and avoids crashes! If you remove the hanger later, take a little mortar, paint or wall surface and cover the small holes.No problem! The holes are no longer visible!

Type: Color

Silicone-containing wall surfaces?  The adhesive effect of the hanger cannot be fully developed and the load-bearing capacity cannot be achieved if your wall surface has been painted with a wall paint containing silicone/silicate. If this is the case, we recommend that you attach the hanger to your wall with the supplied nails or to screws. This can prevent possible crashes.

Type: Unevenness

With small bumps ( 0.5 mm) on the wall surface, you can glue your hanger and expect a maximum load capacity of 2 kg. For coarse unevenness (> 0.5 mm) on the wall surface, gluing is not useful and it can not be expected with the entire load capacity (max 2 kg): Although the hanger is equipped with a foam for correcting unevenness, However, it only corrects small irregularities. For coarse unevenness, we recommend using the supplied nails (eg roughened fiber) or screws and dowels (eg concrete) to fix the hanger clean on your wall. This gives you the full load capacity (max 4 kg) and your picture is stable even on walls with structure. If you remove your picture hanger later, you can close the small holes with ready-made spatula from the hardware store. Nothing more visible!

Weight of your image

Each hanger has high stability due to the design and production process. If your picture weighs less than 2 kg, you can glue the hangers to the wall, because the adhesive tape of the hanger can have a load capacity of max. However, to achieve this load capacity, please note our instructions regarding your wall. If your picture weighs more than 2 kg, we recommend you to attach the hanger to the wall with the nails or screws & dowels included in the set.

Important information for you & your image

Check wall hangers & image modules regularly

If you glue, nail or screw the wall hanger, please check the load capacity of the hanger at regular intervals (at least 1 time a month):
You can do this, among other things, by checking the hold of the hanger with regard to its adhesion, nails, screws and dowels: If the hanger already detaches to part or if it loses the hold on the wall, we recommend changing the fastening material, This gives you the optimal hold for your image. Unfortunately, it is not always clear to the end user whether the wall is also suitable for gluing, nailing or screwing (see above stability and condition of your wall).

In sensitive areas the hanger nailing or screws instead of gluing

By sensitive places we mean in the area of beds and whereabouts of people and animals, fragile objects or easily destructible surfaces. For sensitive areas, we recommend attaching the hanger to your wall with the supplied nails or screws as well as plugs and dispensing with the adhesive tape. Due to correct attachment with nails or screws as well as dowels, your image sits perfectly on the wall. Please estimate the possibility of using the hanger yourself, and play it safe before humans, animals or objects are harmed. In addition, our nails and screws leave only minimal damage to the wall.

Not suitable for children under 3 years

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to swallowable small parts: Our products contain small parts (such as nails, screws and dowels) and are not suitable for children under 3 years because of swallowable small parts and risk of injury. Please keep the product away from children.

Measures of precaution for handling permanent magnets

Permanent magnets are generally brittle. This is due to the manufacturing process (powder metallurgy) and the chemical analysis. In order to avoid any damages it is necessary to handle them with care.

The high attraction forces of magnetised magnets (mainly from NdFeB) may lead to serious injuries of fingers and other parts of the of the human body. Therefore, magnetised magnets have to be handled with extreme care to prevent accidents.

Magnetic fields of permanent magnets may influence - depending on the distance - the function of technical devices. This also refers to cardiac pacemakers. Therefore, persons with pacemakers must not be exposed to magnetic fields.

Due to the possible impact of magnetic fields on technical devices, such as instruments, magnetised magnets are considered as hasardous goods in aviation. And have to be declared as such. Air transport of magnetised magnets is generally permitted only if a defined level of induction at a certain distance from the package is not exceeded. Detailed information is given by IATA. By means of shielding packaging (steel sheets) the rules can be met.

Permanent magnetic fields are able to destroy magnetic data carriers, such as floppy discs, hard discs and bank and credit cards. Therefore, contact of permanent magnets with these data carrier must be avoided.

Magnets of NdFeB are often coated to prevent corrosion. Damages to the coating must be avoided. Otherwise corrosion may occur and slowly destroy the magnet.

Personal contact

Write us an email at support@gaekko.de and we will process your request within 24 hours.

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