IKEA picture frames – Which frames are available?

Whether made of wood or metal, with or without passepartout – IKEA picture frames are available in countless designs and colours. The picture frame not only looks good and fits in with your interior, but also protects your painting from dust and dirt. In the Swedish furniture store IKEA, there are many different frames that will make your painting look its best.

In addition to choosing the right IKEA picture frame and the right place to hang it, the way your frame is fixed to the wall is also important. Are you unsure how to hang your IKEA pictures safely on the wall? The following guide provides you with solutions and helps you choose the right hanger for your picture frames.

You want to hang your Ikea picture frames Ribba or Fiskbo on the wall? The pre-assembled picture hanging system is too complicated for you and you are looking for a real alternative? With our picture hanging system you can hang your IKEA pictures quickly and easily on the wall.

How to hang IKEA Ribba frames?

Hello GAEKKO-Team,

I bought some of these RIBBA frames at IKEA last week. It is a mystery to me how to hang these picture frames properly on the wall. With a simple nail I can hardly fix the frame to the wall, because the frame is totally smooth and would fall down with the slightest breeze. The fixing with the pre-assembled picture hooks with eyelets also does not work as desired, because the eyelets do not connect with my nail in the wall. This is probably because I hit the nail too far into the wall and thus the picture hook is constantly missed. Is there a simple trick to help me hang up my IKEA Ribba frame better? thank you for your help!

Best regards


The adjustable picture hook for all mounted pictures


With the innovative hanging system by GAEKKO, you can attach every mounted picture with a pre-assembled hanging system (for example: picture loops, sticky plates, picture wire, barbed hooks) to a wall.

The hook can be shifted flexibly in a horizontal, vertical or even diagonal without having to knock holes into your wall.

And so it goes: Hang up ikea frames

The GAEKKO picture hanging kit for all Ikea frames

Whether made of wood or metal, with or without passepartout – pictures behind picture frames come in countless designs and colours. Almost as important as a beautiful picture is the right frame. Because the picture frame is not only useful, but can also be used to show pictures, photos, posters and paintings in a particularly beautiful way. We show our favorites. More and more often we receive enquiries from people who are desperate to assemble an IKEA frame. IKEA’s picture hanging admittedly has some pitfalls. To make sure you have no more problems with the correct assembly of an IKEA frame, we will give you a simple instruction how to hang IKEA frames.

Often out of desperation, many people drive two simple nails into the wall, placed at a sufficient distance and at the same height on the wall. The frame then hangs directly on these nails. However, we cannot recommend this method of hanging IKEA frames, as the picture frame only rests on the nails and does not hang securely on the wall. Damage caused by dropped picture frames is not uncommon.

Threading the nail into the picture hook or eyelet of the RIBBA frame is so difficult because the frame stands so far back. Therefore the nail or screw must not be driven too deeply into the wall or can be turned. Therefore you should also use nails of sufficient size so that the nail can be driven deep enough into the wall but still protrude far enough out of the wall to thread the hook of the RIBBA frame.

To save you the trouble with the pre-assembled hanging system for IKEA pictures, we at GAEKKO have developed a picture hanger with which you can quickly and easily hang your IKEA frames on the wall. Hang pictures without complicated folding eyes or adhesive sheets and mount your pictures on the wall in no time at all. And the best thing is: You can hang small and light pictures on your wall without nailing or drilling.

How to hang IKEA FISKBO frames?


I bought two KNÖPPANG picture frames and a FISKBO frame in IKEA and framed my new pictures now. Unfortunately the mounting of the picture frames is a little bit more difficult than expected. I strictly followed the assembly instructions and hung the picture frame on the wall with the two small hooks and the picture wire stretched around them. Unfortunately all frames hang crooked or slip very easily because they are hung up only with the wire on a nail. Can you guys tell me what I’m doing wrong? Do I really need two suspension points so that my frames do not slip and hang straight all the time?

I thank you in advance for your help.



Instruction to hang IKEA frames with a wire

Advantages at a glance:
All types of frames
Aligning pictures individually
All kinds of wall surfaces
Exchanging pictures whenever you want

Before you can hang your pictures and your Ikea picture frame with wire on the wall, you have to screw the two hooks to your wall. Then you have to knot the picture wire at the two hooks. Choose a suspension point at the right height and drive a nail into the wall. You can also hang the wire with a screw and a previously mounted dowel. You simply hang the wire around the nail and straighten your picture afterwards.

Make sure that the wire does not sag too much, otherwise your picture will be tilted forward and fall off the wall easily. Choose the length of the wire in about one third of the height of your frame, so that the hanging point of the picture will later be a little below the upper edge and your picture will hang straight. For larger pictures, you should definitely use two nails or screws for suspension.

How to hang IKEA frames - with HAGHED suspension rail?

Ikea picture rails are trendy living accessories and an easy way to mount your IKEA frames on the wall. To hang pictures on the wall IKEA provides the HAGHED suspension rail which is a regular picture rail.

Picture rails are attached to the wall directly below the ceiling. After the one-time installation of the picture rail with dowels and screws, your walls will be protected in the best possible way with these picture hanging system. With picture rails you avoid hammering countless nails into the wall, the time-consuming task of straightening your pictures with a spirit level and then getting annoyed that your pictures still hang crooked.

Once the picture rail is mounted on the wall, you can simply hook the ropes into the rail, attach the hook to the cord and hang your pictures on the picture hook. Because the hooks are adjustable in height, you can correct the position of your pictures later.

One Disadvantage of HAGHED suspension rails and other picture rails is that you have to drill big holes in the wall and the mounting is not that easy. Another disadvantage ist that the wires on which the pictures hang are visibile and don’t look really elegant.

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With GAEKKO you can now hang your IKEA frames easily on the wall. Do without complicated picture wire or picture rails and design your own individual picture wall. The solution against holes in your wall: You neither have to drill a hole in the wall nor do you have to nail your pictures to the wall. From now on you can stick light pictures on the wall.

Our picture hangers are suitable for all wall surfaces such as plaster or wallpaper. With our picture hangers you bring every picture to your wall without holes, without wire or picture hooks and without drilling.

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