Hanging Large and Heavy Pictures On The Wall

You are faced with the challenge of hanging a large and heavy picture frame on the wall? We show you how to hang XXL pictures securely on your wall with our heavy duty wall hangers.

Hanging a heavy picture on the wall – XXL picture frames

The hanging of large picture with frame presents many a craftsman with unexpected problems. That already starts with where I hang my XXL picture on the wall of my apartment. Once the right place on the wall has been found, the question naturally arises as to how I can hang such a large picture on the wall properly at all? The mounting of so-called XXL picture frames or canvases on oversized wooden frames brings with it some special features that you should consider when hanging your painting on the wall. The all important question you should ask yourself before the actual hanging process is not how big your picture is, but how heavy it is. Large pictures can be problematic for space reasons, but (as long as they are lightweight) do not pose a problem for the actual picture hanging. Light pictures up to 4 kilogram can be hung on the wall with a simple nail or screw. For very light pictures up to 2 kilograms, you might even be interested in the adhesive version. Just take a look at our guide ‚Stick pictures on the wall‘;. Pictures with a weight of 4 to 10 kilos are called medium loads. Pictures with a weight of more than 10 kilos, on the other hand, are heavy loads. Therefore you need a heavy duty picture hanging kit. Usually you can check the packaging of the heavy duty hook to see what weight the system can bear on the wall.

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Hanging large pictures in a wooden frame on the wall

Hi folks!

Last weekend I bought an oversized wooden stretcher frame with a beautiful motif. The dimensions of my new canvas painting are 2,60 x 1,00 meters. Now I want to hang it on my wall in the living room. I’ve already done it with a wire or. . . I tried picture wire which I stretched inside the frame to hang it on the wall with the hook. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work out as I had imagined, because I need a small gap between the picture and the wall to connect the wire with the hook. Neither with my hand nor by moving the frame I manage to get the picture wire onto the hook. I wonder if you have an idea or a tip how I can hang my XXL canvas without wire safely and quickly on the wall?

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Forget heavy and large picture frames
Advantages at a glance:
Without holes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

How to hang a heavy picture - An Instruction

The assembly of larger picture frames has some special features that you should pay attention to. A picture hanging or picture hooks with only two single screws or nails is often not possible, because your wall would not support the weight of your frame. Depending on the condition of the wall, screws with a well-sunk anchor can support a weight of about 15 kilograms. For really big and heavy pictures you can use special heavy duty hooks that are attached with several screws. Also pay attention to a good quality of the selected screws and dowels, as cheap versions have lower load capacities. Please refer to the load tables of the manufacturers. Heavy-duty picture hangers are also suitable for mounting and hanging very large and heavy picture frames on the wall. These can carry pictures of up to 20 kg on many  walls depending on the surface. For this you have to drill small holes in the upper back of the frame to fix the hangers with screws.

To ensure that your picture hangs securely on the wall, counter brackets are also attached to the lower frame corners for reinforcement. Even for solid wooden frames, which are usually somewhat heavier, you can use special hangers that are firmly screwed into the lower frame. The corners of the picture hangers can then be anchored in the wall with a special heavy duty picture hook or with a picture rail. Hooking into a picture rail is particularly easy here. To mount the picture rail, however, you will inevitably have to drill holes in your wall. To ensure that the picutre  rail hangs straight, you should align it with a spirit level.


Sticking, nailing or drilling? The choice is yours

Hanging heavy pictures on the wall: A check list

With our tips and tricks, hanging heavy pictures on the wall is child’s play. We have summarized the most important things you should consider when hanging up large and heavy pictures:

When hanging heavy picture frames on the wall you should use light acrylic glass. This makes your frame much lighter and easier to mount. Additional advantage: The glass is shatterproof.

Especially for heavy pictures weighing more than 10 kilograms, a particularly stable and robust heavy duty picture hook or a heavy duty picture hanging kit is required. The classic method of hanging with nails or screws is usually not sufficient.

Consider always the payload or workload of your wall. Depending on the condition of the wall and the surface, your wall may not be suitable for carrying heavy and large pictures on your wall.

To determine the optimal height for your large frame, you should get additional help. Hold the picture frame on the wall in pairs and mark the correct height with a pencil. As an orientation you can say that the center of the picture is always at eye level (approx. 155 centimetres) should lie.

Before you hang your heavy picture on the wall, always check the dimensions and correct spacing. That large and heavy picture fills up your whole room? Make sure that your heavy picture has enough distance to the ceiling and the floor. You should also keep sufficient distance to the walls in your room.

Hanging heavy pictures without nails

große und schwere Bilder aufhängen Montage Wand

Of course, the simplest way to fix a picture to the wall is a simple steel nail. For small to medium sized pictures with medium weight the nail is loose enough for hanging. Your picture is hanging crooked even though you have straightened it with the spirit level? When hammering the nail into the wall, make sure that the nail is hammered into the wall at an angle from above and does not protrude too far out of the wall. This gives you a better surface area to place your work of art and allows you to adjust and arrange it more easily.

Our tips: You want to hang several pictures on the wall and are still looking for the perfect arrangement? You can find out how to skilfully stage your numerous works of art with or without passepartout in our ‚Designing a picture wall‘;. Here you will learn how to combine and arrange works of art in different formats to create a harmonious wall of images and a perfect overall picture.

You want to hang a heavy picture without nails and you are not in the mood for ugly drill holes and would rather stick your pictures to the wall? That works too. However, your picture should not weigh more than two kilograms if you want to hang it securely on the wall with a sticky picture hanger. With GAEKKO’s innovative picture hanging kit you can nail, drill and stick your pictures to the wall. The drilled and nailed version carries pictures of up to 4 kilograms in weight. So you are more flexible than ever, when it comes to hanging heavy pictures, large pictures or light pictures. Which of the three mounting options you choose depends not least on your type of picture and wall. With our picture hangers you have the choice! See for yourself and decide!

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