Picture Ledge Ideas

You would like to hang a mosslanda picture ledge, a picture shelf by IKEA or another manufacturer on the wall? We will show you how it works! And if this is too complex for you, you can simply use our  picture hangers.

Picture hanging ledge

If you want to redecorate your pictures often and with pleasure, a picture ledge or picture shelf is certainly not the worst choice. This is fastened to the wall once with screws or nails and can then be rearranged again and again with pictures.

Picture ledges make it quick and easy to swap your favourite motifs. These are available at IKEA for low budget (for example, Ribba, Mosslanda or Mellösa). New in the IKEA range is the Malmbäck picture ledge, which is available for even less money. An attractive wall with pictures of different shapes and colours can be created from several such picture ledges. Since the pictures are usually standing on the picture ledge without being fixed and lie slightly tilted against the wall, this type of fixing is not always completely secure.

Especially larger pictures, however, often do not stand stable on the picture ledge and can therefore fall down. Screws and other fittings required to securely fix the picture ledge to the wall (e. g. dowels) are often not included. This inevitably raises the question of how a picture ledge can be quickly and easily mounted on the wall. This is precisely the question we want to address in the following guide.

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How to mount a IKEA Mosslanda picture ledge?

Hello dear GAEKKO-Team,

I bought last week at IKEA for small money a new Mosslanda picture ledge. Unfortunately there was no mounting system for the picture ledge, so now I am faced with the task of hanging my picture ledge on the wall without a suitable wall mount. Since there are only holes on the back wall for fixing, I assume that you hang the batten on the wall with simple nails or screws. How do I manage to make my picture ledge hang straight on the wall in the end? Is it also possible to fix the picture ledge to the wall without drilling or nailing? The type of fastening probably also depends on the wall material. Maybe there is even the possibility to glue the picture rail to the wall? I am really grateful for ideas and suggestions.

Thanks & Greetings


Advantages at a glance:
Without holes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

IKEA picture shelf ideas – wooden picture ledges

A wooden picture ledge is a creative and at the same time easy way to hang up your pictures. On it you can arrange your picture frames wonderfully and combine them harmoniously. And if necessary, you can also change your frames and motifs very quickly. The classic picture ledge (such as the IKEA RIBBA picture ledge) usually has two simple holes on the back and can be fixed to the wall with two dowelled screws in drilled holes. To make sure that the picture ledge hangs straight later, you should first align the picture ledge with a spirit level and then mark the drill holes with a pencil.

But it also works without drilling: If you only want to present very light photos and postcards on a picture ledge, for example, you can also fix the picture rail to the wall with strong double-sided adhesive tape or mounting tape. However, you should make sure that it is adhesive tape so that you can remove it from the wall later without leaving any residue. Or simply place the ends of the picture ledge loosely on two pretty cupboards or place the picture rail in the middle of a sideboard! This way the picture frames or posters do not fall over so easily.

Our tip: If you don’t have the right picture frame length for your pictures, you can also string together several Ikea picture frames. So you can equip a whole wall in your room over several meters with picture mouldings. The picture mouldings also look great when slightly offset! With the picture ledge you can easily create an individual picture wall, which you can then redecorate as you like.


What ist he difference between a picture ledge and a picture rail?

If you search the net for the term „picture rail”;, you are quickly directed to pages that deal with the suspension of a picture rail (or picture rail hangers). You should not use the terms picture rail and picture ledge synonymously, because these are two completely different hanging systems. 

Bilderschiene und Bilderleiste aufhängen Unterschied

Whereas with a picture ledge the pictures are placed loosely on the ledges, a picture rail is first mounted with dowels and screws slightly below the ceiling. Then ropes or cords are inserted into the picture rail. By the way, the rope hanging can be moved along the entire picture rail. Simple picture hooks are attached to the ropes or cords themselves. The height of these picture hooks can be adjusted at will. Then you have to hang the picture frame on the hook and the picture rail system is ready for use.

What kind of picture hangings exist?

Who would have thought that a simple narrow shelf would be the solution for an innovative wall design. No matter whether it’s picture frames, prints or graphics: the pictures can simply be placed on a picture ledge  and moved as often as you like. It is best to combine different frames and test different distances and hangings. Of course, you can also combine a picture ledge with other hanging methods to create completely individual hangings. This way you can hang pictures directly on the wall and combine them with artwork on the picture ledge to create an arrangement.

You can also mix your frames together and place them wildly on top of each other and next to each other. To tame the chaos a bit you can orientate yourself on straight edges, choose equal distances and be happy that the chaos stays at least a little bit in the frame. You can proceed intuitively and combine what you like. This orderly chaos is also known as the Petersburg hanging.

What ist the ideal height for picture ledges?

According to the rules of the golden section, one third of the image should be above and two thirds of the image should be below the average eye level. However, there is no such thing as the perfect height of a picture ledge. Here you can experiment with the height. Ideally, picture ledges should also be hung at eye level. However, you should also always orient yourself to the eye level of the observer. If we assume that the viewer is also sitting, the picture ledge should be set a little lower.


Not in the mood for complicated hanging systems like picture ledges?

You want to hang your pictures on the wall decorativly but don’t want to spend much effort on arranging pictures nicely on the wall? When you are not in the mood for complicated hanging systems like picture ledges by ikea such as the mosslanda picture ledge, then we have just the right thing for you: You know the adhesive hooks for towels in the bathroom? Our hangers for pictures of all kinds work the same way in principle. No more nails or screws! With GAEKKO you can stick pictures to walls without nailing or drilling. Just create your individual gallery wall quick and easy!

With our picture hanging system you do not need to mount a picture rail and stick your pictures to the wall. Our picture hangers are not only an excellent addition to artwork placed on the picture ledge but also for difficult wall surfaces like concrete or plaster walls.

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