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Hang photos without frames and without damaging the wall

The photos from your last vacation are still on your smartphone, and you wonder why you even captured the most beautiful moments on camera. Of course, you can also post the most stunning photos on social media and share them with your loved ones. However, more often than not, your photos end up stored on your computer or collecting dust in boring photo albums.

Perhaps you are even the proud owner of an instant camera and have numerous instant pictures stored in a shoebox? But what should you do with these photos? In reality, your best photos are far too precious to be kept only in an album that you may retrieve from the shelf every two years. It would be much nicer to print out your memories and hang them on the wall, so you can always have them in view. And you don’t have to limit yourself to picture frames when hanging photos on the wall. Moreover, there are now numerous solutions that make hanging your photos easier—and all this without nails or unsightly holes in the wall.

Do you want to hang your photos on the wall without frames and without drilling? With our self-adhesive photo hangers, you can do away with expensive picture frames and hang your photos on the wall without making holes. Today, photos are stuck directly to the wall, without frames! With our photo hanger!

How can I stick photos to the wall without frames?

Hello everyone,

I would like to hang regular photos without frames on the wall in my room. I really don’t want to drive a nail into the wall and damage my wallpaper or the wall itself. Are there any alternatives for hanging my photos without drilling and that can securely hold them on the wall? Additionally, the hangers should be removable without causing any damage to my wallpaper. Is there something that could make photo hanging easier for me? I would greatly appreciate any ideas.

Thanks and regards, Stephan

Hanging Photos Without Frames: Ideas & Tips

Before you can enjoy your pictures, you need to hang them on the wall. However, hanging your pictures requires careful consideration of how you want to arrange your photo wall as well as some level of handy skills. On some walls, it is not advisable to nail or drill pictures.

A wrongly drilled hole in your wall can be a source of frustration and can also create unnecessary mess. We are here to tackle the holes in your wall and provide you with tips and tricks on how to hang your photos without damaging the wall: With our photo hanger, you can stick your photos to the wall in any way you like, without the need for tools. No drilling, nailing, or screwing, and therefore no holes in your wall.

Hanging photos with magnetic paint - Perfect for your custom photo wall

Magnetic paint is essentially a regular wall paint with small iron particles integrated, making the paint magnetic. Due to its magnetic effect, magnetic paint is particularly suitable for hanging lightweight frameless pictures such as photos.

The application of magnetic paint does not differ in any way from that of traditional wall paint. Simply paint the area of your wall with magnetic paint where you ultimately want to have the photos. You don’t necessarily have to paint the entire wall; a rectangle, for example, is sufficient.

Often, the magnetic effect of the paint may not be strong enough with the first coat, so multiple coats may be necessary. To securely attach your photos to the wall with magnets in the long term, it is advisable to use strong neodymium magnets. These are also available as pins in many vibrant colors and various shapes.

Our tip: It's better not to use magnetic paint!

When working with this paint and painting your own walls with it, it’s important to note that the paint will be permanently on the wall and cannot be easily removed. Therefore, you should think long-term and opt for an adhesive solution. With our photo hanger, you can hang your photos on the wall without painting and without any residue later on.

Hanging photos on the wall with push pins - Your wall won't thank you.

You can also secure your pictures and photos to the wall with push pins. This is, of course, only possible if your wall allows it. The push pins hold best when inserted into the wall without wobbling. If they move back and forth, they create a larger hole from which they can also be easily pulled out.

Thumbtacks harm your photo and your wall!

Using push pins not only leaves small holes in your wall but also in the photo you’re hanging. Especially if it’s an instant photo from an instant camera and you don’t have a duplicate, it’s best to avoid this alternative.

Hanging photos without frames using double-sided tape - The classic way to hang photos.

There are special adhesive tapes for photos or frameless pictures with little weight that you can easily attach to the back of your picture. With this double-sided tape, you can stick your pictures directly to the wall. If your picture is not too heavy, these adhesive strips provide a secure hold.

The adhesive tapes or adhesive pads are designed in such a way that you can remove your picture from the wall easily and without leaving any residue. The adhesive tapes offer a good grip, and you can easily remove the picture at any time without damaging the wall.

Another adhesive option is called adhesive nails. Adhesive nails are equipped with double-sided tape and can be removed without leaving any residue. They can be easily stuck to your wall and adhere reliably to surfaces such as wallpaper or plaster. Adhesive nails are not suitable for simple frameless photos, but rather for canvases or picture frames.

Drawing pins damage your photo and your wall!

However, you need to consider this: adhesive tapes or adhesive pads do not adhere well to every wall surface and may leave residues on your photos. Our photo hangers are a better alternative: the adhesive dot used on them sticks easily to all wall surfaces and can be removed without leaving any traces. Additionally, since the photos are inserted into the photo hanger, any potential damage to the photo is also avoided.

Create a colorful photo wall with washi tape - The trend from Japan

Washi tape (also known as masking tape) is now available in all colors and designs. The tape replaces the actual picture frame and is perfect for creating a completely individual photo wall. You can either use washi tape to adhere your photo from all sides or just on the edges.

You can also attach multiple photos below or next to each other with a large washi tape frame on the wall. Here, too, you have the advantage that washi tape does not leave any residue on your wallpaper or plaster, and you can quickly and easily exchange your photos. However, when hanging your pictures with washi tape, make sure to only hang lightweight pictures on the wall.

Photos & wall could be damaged!

However, when removing the washi tape, it is possible that your photos or wallpaper may be damaged. With our photo hangers, we use adhesive dots that can be easily attached and removed on all wall surfaces. Additionally, your photos won’t have any residue from adhesive tapes since they are held in the photo holders without coming into contact with the adhesive: perfect for preserving your photos!

Hanging photos on a rope or wire - an alternative for frameless pictures

For this hanging method, you will need a simple cord or wire, as well as two nails or screws to fix the photo string to the wall. Afterwards, you can attach numerous photos or cards to the string using clothespins. You can also use small wooden clips or hooks to hang your photos on it. You can span the wire or string vertically, horizontally, or even in a zigzag pattern.

This hanging system cannot support heavy pictures but is particularly suitable for lightweight photos and frameless images.

For decorative purposes, you can also distribute your photos beautifully on the wall using our photo holder and then recreate ropes between the photos using pens or paints, or even add motifs. This way, your wall becomes a unique piece of art.

Protect your wall and your photos

Using a rope or wire is a nice and interesting way to hang photos or postcards. However, please note that your wall will not forgive you: residue may be left by tape, nails, or other means used to hold the rope or wire.

With our photo hanger, you can avoid this and neatly insert the photo into the hanger, then directly attach it to the wall using the adhesive dots as desired: The cool thing is that you can now paint a kind of wire, rope, branch, or other shape between the photos to create a beautiful individual wall. No residue! Because the adhesive dots of our product are easily removable.

Picture rails also leave residue

However, be aware that the holes will remain in the walls. If you want to hang photos, we recommend our photo hanger. You can attach it directly to any wall surface without drilling or making holes: just stick it! The photo is clamped between two holders and then attached to the wall with adhesive dots. From now on, you won’t need expensive picture rails to hang your pictures.

Arranging photos on the wall: These are the hanging options!

How to arrange your photos smartly in your space to create a harmonious picture wall, we will reveal it to you here: To ensure that your photos harmonize with your decor, you should find similar color tones on walls, pictures, and various home accessories. A white wall is generally a safe choice. It becomes more challenging with patterned or multicolored wallpapers, as your photos often don’t stand out properly.

Before hanging your artworks on the wall, you should lay out your chosen arrangement on the floor. You can also sketch the outlines of your pictures on paper and stick them to the wall with masking tape. This way, you can align your pictures precisely using a spirit level, align them along an imaginary line, and check the spacing between each picture. This allows you to see how your pictures work in your space and whether your picture wall creates a harmonious overall image. This often saves you unnecessary drilling or nailing!

The choice of hanging style ultimately depends on your taste. If you like it straight and structured, you can align your pictures using the edge hanging method along an imaginary line. The distances between your artworks should always be the same with edge hanging. The distances can vary horizontally as well as vertically.

On the other hand, with the grid hanging method, your artworks are arranged in a strict, geometric scheme. Your photos should hang on a reference line or be aligned with a central line, and the distances should be the same with grid hanging. To create a unified look for your picture wall, you can frame your photos in the same mat frames and hang them on the wall.

And here’s a tip for those who prefer a more unstructured and wild approach: With the St. Petersburg hanging method, you can combine numerous motifs and types of pictures, decorating almost the entire wall in your room. With the St. Petersburg hanging, almost anything goes. While it disregards central lines or reference lines, there are other connecting elements such as similar frames, mats, or identical formats.


The adhesive picture hanger for photos & postcards


The adhesive picture hanger for posters & art prints

Are there adhesive photo corners for the wall?


I would like to hang some photos and posters on the wall. However, I don’t want to use mats or picture frames. And to protect my photos as much as possible, I don’t want to use double-sided tape or adhesive strips. Using thumbtacks or small nails to puncture my pictures or staple them securely in any form is also not an option for me. Is there something similar to photo corners that can be quickly glued to the wall?

Thank you for your suggestions.


Stick photos and cards to the wall without frames: No problem with our self-adhesive picture hangers!

You’re not particularly skilled at DIY and don’t want to put holes in your wall? Using a drill or hammer is out of the question for you anyway? Torn wallpaper or falling plaster are the typical horror scenarios when it comes to hanging a photo collage or a photo wall.

With our FotoGAEKKO, you can stick your photo, polaroid, or postcard to the wall in a few seconds. And if you want to bring some variety to your wall, changing the pictures is also easily possible. But it’s not just by changing your photos that you bring a new vibe to your wall. In some cases, simply rearranging the arrangement is enough to create a whole new effect.

Leave the drill in your drawer from now on! Our hangers for photos and postcards allow you to hang your pictures on the wall without nails and without drilling. Our hangers can also be easily and cleanly removed.

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