How to stick posters to wall without damage

There are several ways to stick your posters to the wall without hammering a nail into the wall. Among other things, this is made possible by adhesive strips, power strips, adhesive pads or adhesive rubbers. No matter if from the company Tesa or Patafix: With these products you can stick your posters and billboards on the wall without defacing your wall with unsightly holes.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that you can remove the adhesive strips, power strips, adhesive pads or adhesive rubbers from your wall without leaving any residue. However, if you are very careful, you can even remove your posters from sensitive surfaces such as wallpaper without leaving any residue. Depending on the nature of your walls, the result may also be different.

In our guidebook you can find out how to stick your favourite poster flexibly and easily to the wall. In addition, your poster remains intact not only during the actual hanging process but also when removed. Our new posterGAEKKO makes it possible.

The self-adhesive picture hanger for posters and art prints


With our self-adhesive picture hangers for posters and art prints, you can easily and quickly mount your pictures on the wall without knocking holes in it. 

A quick exchange of pictures is possible thanks to the magnetic system.

Our magnetic poster hangers for your posters!

Stick posters to wall – these possibilities exist!

A popular solution when it comes to sticking your posters to the wall is to simply allow the poster to be framed from the outset. This can range from a simple picture frame to large wooden frames. The advantage of framing a poster is that your poster is protected from dirt and you can also choose a chic passe-partout.

Especially with large posters, however, you reach the limits with a frame. Especially with very large posters and photos it might not be so easy to find an affordable frame. And also the hanging is much more complex. Especially if you want to stick your poster on the wall.

A much more elaborate method of hanging and sticking your posters on the wall is by using a thin wooden or MDF board. This allows you to stick the poster or billboard on the wall without creases and holes. For the mounting you need colourless spray glue or paste, which does not show through or leaves unsightly stains when sticking the poster on the plate.

It is also important that the glue is distributed evenly on the back of the poster and on the plate so that your poster does not curl and sticks to the plate properly. Afterwards you have to fix the picture hooks on the back and then you can hang up the picture. It is more difficult to glue the plate to the wall due to its weight. A remedy is our GalerieGAEKKO, which was developed especially for pictures on plate. With the GalerieGAEKKO you can easily stick your poster on a rigid surface, such as a board, to the wall.

Stick your poster on the wall with self-adhesive poster hangers

Advantages at a glance:
Self-adhesive & magnetic effect
Without holes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

How to stick posters on wall without leaving marks

With our poster hangers for all posters and art prints, you can not only hang your pictures on the wall without picture frames, but you can also easily stick  them without making holes in the wall. Our hangers for posters are equipped with high quality adhesive dots, which you can also stick to sensitive surfaces such as wallpaper and remove again without leaving marks.

Our PosterGAEKKO is a poster hanging kit and consists of poster hanging magnets with a magnetic core and a neodymium magnet with which you can fix the corners of your poster to the wall and thus protect your poster from creases or damage. You should place the poster on the wall first with the top corners and then also on the bottom corners. You can reuse our magnetic poster hangers at any time. Our magnetic poster hangers are the simpler solution compared to conventional drawing pins, adhesive pads or adhesive rubbers and simple staples.

Protect your posters and billboards while sticking them: Avoid damage from double-sided tape and small holes caused by tacks by attaching posters and drawings with our magnetic poster hangers and you can stick your poster to the wall.

No more creases or torn corners on your poster. You do not need expensive picture frames or frames made of wood. With the GAEKKO poster hangers you can now stick your posters on the wall. No annoying fumbling around with frames! This way you avoid holes in your wall, because with GAEKKO you stick posters on wall without leaving marks.

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