Bedroom wall hanging ideas

We show you how to hang your pictures at the perfect height on your bedroom wall! And the right picture hanging system to perfectly stage your pictures above your bed is included.

What must be concidered when hanging pictures in the bedroom?

Your bedroom is a quiet and relaxed space and should radiate an equally relaxed atmosphere. For this reason you should make sure that your walls are not too full of pictures. Your bedroom wall should not be too big, otherwise a single wall picture can quickly look lost.

Nevertheless, the wall behind your bed is of course ideal for attaching pictures in that room. In the following guide we will tell you what you should pay attention to when arranging your pictures in the bedroom and what the special features are when hanging pictures above your bed.

At what height should I hang a picture on bedroom walls?

Hello everyone,

my walls in the bedroom are so bare and I am looking for a suitable wall decoration. Apart from a bed, a sofa and a cupboard, I have no other furniture in my room. Especially the wall above my bed is still completely empty. Now I want to hang a large-format picture above my bed. For the picture to be shown to its best advantage, it should probably fit in terms of proportions and also hang at the right height. Do you know if you always hang a picture above a bed at eye level or do other rules apply here? Are there also things I should consider when hanging pictures above a bed? Do you have any other ideas how I can hang my picture on the wall quickly and easily?

Many thanks & greetings


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Variaties how to hang pictures on the bedroom wall?

If you want to hang a single picture in your bedroom for example above your bed, you should first make sure that it matches your interior design. Choose one or two special murals and hang them above your bed. You can follow the following simple rules:

  1. Your picture should be no longer than 2/3 of the length of your bed or of your headboard. This spatially limited area ensures that your wall does not look overloaded. The best way to show off your pictures is to make sure that they are proportioned to the dimensions of your bed.
  2. If you only have one picture, it should always hang in the middle of the bed. This is the preferred method of hanging pictures, especially from a geometric point of view.
  3. The lower edge of your mural should be 20-25 cm above your bed or on your headboard. Therefore the picture does not necessarily have to be placed at eye level. On the other hand, too much distance between the pictures and your bed makes your pictures look lost in a vacuum. You can also use this rule of thumb for other pieces of furniture such as a couch or sofa.
  4. If you want to hang more than one picture on your wall , you should ensure that the hanging is calm and leave a distance of 5 to 15 cm between the individual pictures.

Our tips: In the bedroom you should pay attention to a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, we cannot recommend a complete gallery wall with an unsteady hanging, such as the Petersburg hanging, for this room. It therefore makes much more sense to hang up a group of pictures or a series of pictures in line or along an edge so as not to destroy the harmony in the bedroom.

Gallery walls in bedroom with pictures of different sizes line up to form a unit if you place them at the same height behind your bed. In addition, you can use a simple picture hanging grid to create a strictly geometric rectangular shape. This gives a much calmer overall decoration of your artwork and achieves a calmer effect on the viewer. You should also avoid oversized picture frames or other types of frames when designing the wall behind your bed.

And another tip: If you want to hang several pictures in different formats on the wall in a particular hanging, we recommend that you lay out the arrangement with the appropriate spacing on your floor beforehand and test it.

Sticking, nailing or drilling? The choice is yours

Picture wall ideas for bedroom

Besides the motif, the colour of the wall in your bedroom also influences the perception of your picture. It should not compete with the subject or the passepartout of your picture. By the way, a passe-partout is the white piece of cardboard that often frames pictures. Small pictures look much bigger with passepartout and frame. However, it should not go so far that your picture determines the atmosphere in the room.

But it is also clear: You should choose motifs with colours that have a calming effect on you. Nature motifs or landscape pictures appear very harmonious and, according to Feng Shui, transmit a harmonious mood to the viewer. So they are perfect for the bedroom.

Paper and wooden pictures are particularly suitable for this purpose. Posters or art prints without frames or canvas pictures are also particularly popular for the bedroom. They radiate warmth and security and therefore fit particularly well into the sleeping area.

Advantages of self-adhesive picture hanging systems according to classic hanging systems​

Advantages at a glance:
Without holes in the wall
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The easiest way of hanging pictures in the bedroom

The GAEKKO hangers bring your paintings quickly and easily to the wall above your bed. Without much effort you can hang up any of your murals in no time at all. It does not matter whether you want to hang single pictures or several pictures on your wall with the right distance to each other.

With our picture hangers you decide how you want to attach the pictures to the wall: stick, screw or nail.

If you have concrete walls in your bedroom, for example, you can easily hang your pictures on the wall without drilling or screws with GAEKKO picture hangers. If you want to arrange larger and heavy wall pictures, you can also fix our hangers to the wall with the supplied plugs and screws or nails.

 Whether creative picture walls or a geometric hanging as a checkerboard pattern. Our hangers make hanging pictures in the bedroom easier than ever before and help you to create the perfect wall design.

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