Hanging 3 Pictures

Which possibilities are there to arrange and hang 3 pictures on a wall? Learn here how to arrange 3 pictures on the wall and hang them on the wall.

3 Pictures on a wall: Many opportunities of arranging

You have three identical looking pictures and are still looking for the right arrangement for your wall? Maybe you also have a 3-part or triptych (a triptych is a wall painting consisting of 3 parts) and wonder at what distance you should hang the paintings on the wall? With some 3-part pictures the order of hanging is already given. But if you have 3 pictures with different motifs, there are no limits to the arrangement of your frames. So you can hang 3 pictures either in a line or row, along an edge, asymmetrically or individually on the wall. Other suspensions such as a U or L shape are also possible.

To arrange a symmetrical overall picture, you need at least three artworks, at least two of which have the same format. We show you which possibilities you have to arrange 3 multi-part pictures on the wall and then hang them on the wall with our hanging system. Hanging pictures has never been so easy!

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How to hang three pictures on a wall?

Hello everybody,

I have three new pictures with a similar theme and from the same color family. The pictures also all have a passepartout and the same picture frame. Do you have any ideas how I can arrange my 3 pictures on the wall with a simple hanging? I have also thought about a picture bar, because here you can change the order of your pictures at any time. There seem to be countless other hanging possibilities. From a grid suspension to an edge suspension to the Petersburg suspension, many things seem to be possible. Do you have a tip for me on how I can hang my pictures on the wall without nails?

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Wall decoration with 3 hanging pictures

You would like to hang three pictures on your wall and wonder which hanging suits your apartment best? With our step by step instructions you can test the arrangements in advance and always hang your pictures at the right height.

  1. Before you hang your pictures on the wall, you should arrange them on the floor and simply try out the different ways of hanging them.
  2. To check how your pictures, with or without frames, will eventually look on the wall, you can cut out the individual sizes of the picture frames on newspaper or baking paper.
  3. You can fix the paper outlines to the wall with simple crepe tape. Our tips: It is best to straighten the paper outlines of the pictures with a spirit level right on the wall and hang the pictures directly above it. You can easily remove the papers later after they have been hung and arranged.

And another tip: The perfect height for your pictures is quickly found! Make sure that you always hang your pictures at eye level. You should note that one third of the graphic is above eye level and two thirds below. The rule of thumb of museums says that the center of the picture is between 1. 40 and 1. 50 m.

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Hanging 3 pictures staggered or in line

The examples shown here should give you a rough overview of the different hangings. Of course, these do not necessarily have to be the same formats. Of course you don’t necessarily have to arrange your 3 wall pictures above a sofa, but you can place them freely in the room.

Hanging 3 pictures in line

The classic solution is to be able to arrange three or more pictures in a row. Especially if you have several pictures of the same size, your pictures unfold their best effect when hung horizontally next to each other. We perceive it as a particularly harmonious unit when they are all placed at the same height and the distances between the pictures are the same. Make sure that the distances are not too big, so that the series of pictures is perceived as one unit.

3 Bilder nebeneinander aufhängen
3 Bilder versetzt aufhängen

Hanging 3 pictures staggered

If you do not want to hang the middle picture at exactly the same height as the two outer ones, you will still get a coherent overall picture. Since the two outer works of art are at the same height, this hanging creates an optical counterweight. If you also use identical frames in the arrangement, the impression of the pictures belonging together is even stronger.

Hanging 3 pictures along a middle line

With this hanging you align all images along a horizontal imaginary center line, whereby the two outer images are aligned exactly below the line and the middle image above the line. This arrangement will align your images on both sides along the reference line. If you have several picture frames of different formats, you can also place the pictures on a middle reference line to get a uniform center of gravity.

3 Bilder auf Kante aufhängen
3 Bilder aufsteigend aufhängen

Hanging 3 pictures in ascending order

Start with the left picture, which you should hang slightly below eye level. You should hang the lower edge of the middle picture exactly in the middle of the left picture. This way you align your pictures along an imaginary diagonal, which makes the group of pictures look particularly harmonious. By the way, the diagonal arrangement of the picture frames makes your walls look higher. In addition to the hangings mentioned above, you also have the option of mounting your pictures on the wall in an L or U shape.

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