Hanging Pictures on Concrete Walls

With our picture hangers made by GAEKKO you can hang your pictures without nails or drilling even on concrete walls.

How to hang Pictures on Concrete Walls?

Nowadays, the walls of many new buildings and modern office blocks consist of concrete or cement. If you want to hang a picture on such a concrete wall, the question of how to puncture the wall arises inevitably. Some things need to be considered if you intend to knock a nail through a massive concrete wall or if you use a hammer drill to gouge a hole without damaging the wall.

There exist different possibilities hanging a picture on concrete wall without damaging it. Here, we are going to introduce the most important tips and tricks on how to hang your pictures on a concrete wall or cement walls.

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How to hang Pictures on a Concrete Wall by using the right Nail

Bilder an einer Betonwand befestigen mit Nagel

Concrete is a massive building material that consists mostly of minerals. Therefore, it is more difficult to hang a picture on such a wall by using nails. While mounting the nails, you have to avoid cracks and splitting pieces in the wall. There exist countless types of nails. However, only a few are suited to knock a hole through a concrete wall. We recommend using nails made of steel with a length of one to two centimeters to nail a concrete wall. To avoid rusty nails, we suggest using galvanised nails or nails consisting of brass. Thereby the nails are less prone to humidity and lend themselves to be used outdoors.

Some craftsmen swear by using an air nailer gun to knock nails through a wall. And yet others consider a simple hammer. But no matter which of both methods you decide to use, you should always allow for other alternatives, which make it easier to hang pictures on concrete walls. We have listed the best alternatives to hang pictures on a concrete wall. You can either screw, nail or glue them.

Our recommendation: First, use a small drill to gouge the marked hole in order to avoid slipping when gouging bigger holes. Also, the marked position can be hit perfectly. Once the marking and gouging are finished, you just have to push the rawlplug into the wall, turn the screw into the rawlplug and hang your picture on the wall. Only keep turning in the screw until you can feel light resistance. Thereby the rawlplug is braced and your picture is fixed safely on the wall. However,

many drills and boring heads fail to drill through extremely hard concrete or a cement wall. In order to avoid borrowing or buying a hammer drill, you should take more simple alternatives into consideration.

Advantages at a glance:
Without holes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

How to hang pictures on cement walls - Alternatives

There exist some alternatives to, at least partially, waive unaesthetic holes in your wall. Have you ever thought about hanging your picture frames or art by means of a picture rail on concrete wall? Not yet? After the one-time montage of the picture rail (unfortunately, you will not be able to avoid holes in your wall using this method), you can change the position of your pictures and avoid drill holes in your wall.

When installing your picture rail, please use a spirit level to make sure your pictures can be hung straight later. A picture rail works similar to a curtain rail. Ropes or wires have to be threaded at the lower end of the picture rail to attach the picture hanger. The wire can slide along the picture rail and the level of the hooks can be adjusted.

Stick, nail or screw: You have the choice

How to hang pictures on concrete walls without drilling

If you do not want to use tools like hammers, drills or spirit levels neither having to drill holes into your concrete wall with nails, screws and rawlplugs, we have got a solution for your problems. You can hang your pictures on concrete walls without drilling, stress or mechanical skills:
Our picture hangers made by GAEKKO are created for all people who wish to hang pictures on concrete walls but who do not know if hammers, nails or screws are the appropriate tools.

There are many alternatives by now which can be used to avoid those ugly holes in your wall. The same applies to attaching your artworks to wallpapers or render. Also, in these cases, there exist methods to avoid ugly holes.

Many companies offer adhesive tape, adhesive nails or a special kind of adhesive tape therefore you do not have to nail or drill anymore. Assembling these adhesive tapes or nails is really easy: Adhere them to the wall according to the manual, hang the picture – done. However, be aware of the adhesive nail because it requires the correct frame and an appropriate loop thereby it can be hung up. According to Command, the weight of your picture plays a decisive role when using the adhesive tapes.

How to hang pictures on concrete walls without nails – This Method will always work

Usually your picture should not weight more than two kilos, whether it is framed or on a foam sheet, if you want to stick it on a wall using a hanging system. Especially small adhesive nails or hooks are not suited for permanent stability.

If you want to hang pictures on concrete walls without nails than we have the solution for you: The GAEKKO picture hanging kit provides you with the opportunity to nail, drill or stick your pictures on concrete walls without using a hammer or a drill machine and it is completely stress-free. It is your choice, which of the three methods you use, depending on your picture and the surface structure of your wall.

GAEKKO has got the right hook for every picture.

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