How to hang pictures on wallpaper without nails

Your home can only be really homely and comfortable with pictures. Whether canvas pictures, pictures on plate, photos or postcards: With pictures of the most different colours your furnishings can be optically revalued! After you have finally found the right picture, you first ask yourself how to mount it quickly and easily on wallpaper? However, the question of mounting is not always easy to answer.

For various reasons, it is not advisable to perforate the wall with nails or screws on some walls and surfaces. This applies in particular to rooms with wallpaper! With some hanging methods you don’t have to hammer nails into the wall and you don’t have to drill holes at all! You can find out how to hang your pictures on wallpaper without nails quickly and easily in our guide.

We show you how to hang your pictures safely and reliably on your wallpaper without nails or screws. The picture hanger from GAEKKO makes it possible!

Our picture hanger to hang pictures easily on your wallpaper


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Stick pictures on wallpaper with our self adhesive picture hangers

How to hang pictures on wallpaper?

 „Hello everyone,

I’ve recently moved into an apartment We have wallpaper in the living room. and in the hallway Since I have taken my pictures from my old apartment, I would like to hang them up and arrange them in my new living room. The problem is that our walls are extremely massive and that we can’t even get a hole drilled in the wall with a proper steel drill. It doesn’t work with simple nails anyway. Do you have a tip how I can hang up my pictures and frames on woodchip wallpaper without drilling or nailing? Since all my other walls are also made of wallpaper, I ask myself with what I can attach many pictures to the wallpaper, so that the wallpaper looks like before and has no holes?

Thanks for your help!”


What is woodchip wallpaper

Many new apartments are nowadays wallpapered with ingrain or woodchip wallpaper, which makes hanging pictures even more difficult. Woodchip wallpapers are particularly popular because they can be repainted over and over again. In addition, the woodchip wallpaper is very stable and moisture-regulating. The high fibre content of the wallpaper ensures high tensile strength, which also means that cracks in the wallpaper occur less frequently. Many landlords therefore choose woodchip wallpaper for their tenements for practical rather than stylistic reasons.

Woodchip wallpaper consists of two simple thin layers of paper with wood chips or Sawdust in between. When applying woodchip wallpaper, the wallpaper paste is absorbed directly by the paper and thus melts into the wall. It is easy to process and very robust. Nowadays woodchip wallpaper is the most used wallpaper in Germany, especially because of its low price. Woodchip is also a simple and quick way to conceal small blemishes and holes in the walls.

Especially if you want to hang up pictures on woodchip wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper and drill or nail holes in the wall, the problem of woodchip wallpaper quickly becomes clear: Especially if you want to redecorate pictures or close the accidentally wrongly drilled holes, this often leads to ugly filler areas in your wallpaper. This is due in particular to the fact that the filler is intended for smooth substrates and the uneven surface structure of the woodchip wallpaper cannot be repaired as a result.

Tha advantages of our picture hangers at a glace

For every kind of Pictures

Regardless of which canvas, aluminum composite, Forex, photos or postcards: With our hanging system you can hang up every kind of picture

Stability anytime and anywhere

Our picture-hangers are suitable for every wall surface. It does not matter if it consists of wallpaper, ingrain wallpaper, concrete, marble, tile or render.

Exchanging pictures anytime

Do you want to hang up another picture? No problem! By using GAEKKO, exchanging pictures becomes easy & fast as never before.

Hanging up pictures easily

By using GAEKKO, hanging up pictures is as easy as winking. You won`t have to use complicated frame hanging wire or gallery rails ever again.

How to hang pictures without ruining wallpaper?

„Hi everyone,

I’m not very handy with my hands, so I need your advice. My wife received an assortment of pictures as a gift from an acquaintance, which are printed on plates. These are on the one hand Aluminium print with approx. 2mm thickness and on the other hand around acrylic glass print with approx. 5mm thickness. ) Since I don’t want to frame the pictures at all, but would rather hang freely on the wall for optical reasons, I wonder what possibilities I have for this. Now the problem is that the pictures are not so light, but already have a certain weight. The corners can also break very easily if they accidentally hit the ground. How can I quickly and easily stick and arrange my pictures on plate frameless on the wall so that it holds and does not come off after a few days? Unfortunately my whole apartment and my complete hall is wallpapered with medium-grain woodchip wallpaper, so I am a little more careful with the sticking. Do you know the best way for me to proceed here?”

Thanks fpr your answer!


Advantages of our self-adhesive picture hangers

Advantages at a glance:
Without wholes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

Hanging pictures on wallpaper – these opportunities exist!

Hang pictures with adhesive strips for wallpaper

A quick and easy method of hanging pictures on woodchip wallpaper is with standard adhesive strips or tape. You should note, however, that many adhesive strips or Adhesive tapes do not have sufficient adhesive strength to fix picture frames permanently to the wall. Especially on woodchip wallpaper with a somewhat coarser grain, adhesive strips and tapes do not hold equally well, so that your pictures may fall off the wall again after a few days. Therefore you should use adhesive strips or Tape only very light pictures without frames such as photos, posters or postcards to your wall.

Due to the low adhesive strength of adhesive tapes, some manufacturers also offer very strong adhesive tape. For example there are Command strips to put on wallpaper. With the strongly adhesive tape or You can even stick pictures in frames such as canvas pictures to your woodchip wallpaper. This sticks in most cases, however, so strongly that when you pull off The Wall, you tear off a piece of wallpaper with it or residues of the glue remain.

If you should redecorate more often in the house and change the places of your pictures, you should inform yourself beforehand exactly which adhesive strips or adhesive tapes can be removed from your wallpaper without leaving any residue.

How to hang different pictures on wallpapered walls?

Posters or billboards usually do not need an independent frame. You can hang these unframed on the wall with picture rails. The system of the picture rail works with two aluminium strips, which fold up by means of spring pressure and hold the poster or poster in place. With this solution, your pictures do not hang rigidly on the wall, but are still somewhat movable, which is the charm of this hanging method.

Oil paintings as well as photo and art prints on canvas, mounted on a stretcher frame, can be hung on the wall with two nails. Once you have hammered the nails into the wall at the same height using a spirit level, hang up the canvas so that the stretcher frame rests on the nails. As an alternative to canvas, the likewise very light materials Alu-Dibond, Forex and acrylic glass can be used for your favourite pictures. These wall pictures do not have a separate frame and must be attached to the wall with a separate hanging system.

Hanging pictures on wallpaper with adhesive nails

Finding a suitable alternative to screws or nails to hang pictures on the wall is not easy. Especially if you want to hang your pictures on sensitive surfaces such as plaster or wallpaper, the mounting possibilities are limited.

Some manufacturers have developed so-called adhesive nails for this purpose. Adhesive nails are simple adhesive hooks that can be stuck to the wall with high quality adhesive tape or power strips. Attaching such a adhesive nail works without drilling and takes less than 1 minute. First of all, the place where you want to hang up the picture frame later must be cleaned of dust and dirt with a dry cloth. Then you can simply press the nail firmly against the wall for a few seconds with the adhesive strip or power strip.

Some adhesive nails can even be adjusted in height. This is not possible with conventional nails and screws. The problem with the adhesive nail is mainly that your pictures are hung up only on a simple hook. This picture hook is a simple hanging mechanism that is only suitable for simple picture frames with folding eyes. Due to the small contact surface, you should prefer to mount pictures on plates or canvas pictures on the wall with other hangers.

For very light-weight images such as photos, posters or postcards, you can also paint your walls with magnetic paint. The magnetic ink is not really magnetic, but only contains a high proportion of iron. You simply need to apply the magnetic paint thickly over the entire surface where you want to hang your posters or photos. Then you can hang your pictures on the wall with strong magnets.

Hanging pictures on wallpaper – with the GAEKKO picture hanging kit

Don’t you feel like rehanging your wallpaper after each picture? Or does it annoy you to fill in the holes in your woodchip wallpaper? Or do you simply want to hang pictures without running the wallpaper? From now on you can leave hammer or drill in your toolbox and stick your pictures on the wall.

The GAEKKO picture hangers can be used on sensitive surfaces such as wallpaper or plaster. You can stick lightweight pictures weighing up to 2 kg on wallpaper without nails or screws. And for heavy pictures of up to 4 kg we deliver the matching nails and screws at the same time! No tools are required for the adhesive variant.

The removal of our hangers from the wall, such as wallpaper or plaster, is free of traces. You can remove our hangers without leaving any residue. This way you avoid damage to your wall. With a suitable replacement adhesive strip our hanger can be used again and again. The innovative adhesive tape holds your pictures reliably on the wall. Due to the adhesive force, the adhesive nail is reliably held to the wall. Nevertheless, our hanger can also be easily removed again if it is needed at another location.

GAEKKO offers you a very good alternative to conventional drilling or attaching nails. In four easy steps your frames hang in just a few minutes. You save yourself expensive tools, make no noise and your home stays clean. Especially tenants save a lot of work when moving out thanks to our hanging system.

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