Hanging Pictures With Wire

You want to hang your pictures or photos on the wall with wire or picture wire? This can sometimes be quite complex. With our picture wire hanger you do without a complicated wire hanging kit and stick your pictures with wire on the wall!

How to hang pictures on wire?

There is not one ideal way to hang your pictures with or without wires on the wall. However, hanging pictures on the wall with wire or preinstalled picture wire is a very popular method when it comes to aligning your pictures quickly and straight on the wall. All you need is a nail and picture wire! Now you can hang your picture frames straight by simply sliding the wire over the picture nail.

The fastening process is not quite so simple after all. Some experts recommend, for example, nailing two picture hooks into the wall. The distance between the two nails also plays a decisive role in keeping your frame aligned quickly and straight on the wall. Others complain that with one picture hanging point the picture frame swings along the wire and the frame can fall off the wall. In our guide we will show you what you have to pay attention to when hanging pictures and frames with wire or preinstalled picture wire on the wall and what the advantages and disadvantages of this hanging method are.

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Hanging pictures with wire – quick tips and tricks

For small to medium-sized picture formats with pre-assembled picture wires with little weight, it is usually sufficient to use a nail or a use a dowel and a screw. First you should determine the ideal height of your picture. The basic rule is that the center of your picture should be approximately at the eye level of the viewer. Once you have hammered the nail in the right place and height, you can place many frames directly on the nail. If there is no hanging system on your picture or pre-assembled picture wire, you can mount a picture hook to the back wall. Now it’s time to hang up the picture and put it on the wall!


Hang picture frames with wire

Bilder aufhängen Draht Wand Anbringung

Before you can hang your picture frame with wire on the wall, you must first attach the picture wire to the back of your frame. The easiest way to do this is to tie the wire to two hangers or metal eyelets that are attached to the sides of the frame. Then you have to position a nail, which will later serve as a suspension point, at the right height on your wall.

Our tip: If you want get the correct position for your picture frame with wire you should hold the picture with wire on the wall and mark the horizontal middle of the picture with a pencil above the frame. Thats the horizontal point, where the picture wire will be connected with the nail or screw. If you want to get the perfect height, you should keep in mind that the picture wire because of the curved wire hanging will be in the upper half of the picture.

Last but not least you only have to hang the picture wire around the nail and straighten your picture. To make sure that the wire is not visible and does not sag too much, you should choose the length of the picture wire so that it is placed about one third of the frame height lower than the upper edge. Thus the nail or screw which will later serve as picture hanging for the picture wire is located slightly below the upper edge.

Our tip: For larger pictures with more weight, you should definitely use two nails for hanging. This allows you to stretch the picture wire between the two nails a little bit, which gives your frame additional hold. The placement in your room with two hanging points makes it easier for you to straighten the wire for larger pictures.


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The specific characteristics of hanging pictures with wire

A typical characteristic of picture wires and wire hangings is the slight forward inclination of your picture frame. The deeper you put the eyelets on your frame, the more your picture will tilt forward. A larger distance between the eyelets and the upper edges of the picture will always lead to your picture surface being tilted forward a little more. Here it is worth trying out and testing what suits your picture and your home best. Even if the picture wire is a bit more expensive to buy, you should never hang your picture frames on the wall with a simple rope or cord. Over time, these cords become friable and porous. This can cause your picture frames to fall to the ground and be destroyed.

 You can also hang a larger canvas or a stretcher frame on the wall with picture wire. For the suspension you need two serrated hangers, which you can put on the side bars of the stretcher or canvas. You can attach your wire to the serrated hanger and hang your canvas on the wall. Those who find this a little too elaborate can also position their painting on an easel. The easel is a wooden three-legged frame on which the artist places his paintings. When set up in this way, the stretcher frame is stable at working height. But some also appreciate the easel as a place to hang things up.

Hanging pictures with wire on picture rails

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With picture rails or rail hanging systems you can mount your picture frames with wire on the wall easily, quickly and without drilling again. The picture rail is usually installed directly below the ceiling with dowels and screws on the wall. To ensure that the picture rail hangs straight, you should align it with a spirit level before mounting it on the wall. Then you can insert the wire rope into the picture rail. At the end of the wire there are small hooks on which your picture or frames can be hung with the picture wires. Besides the one-time installation, the biggest advantage of picture hanging systems with picture rails is that you can move your picture frames horizontally or vertically due to the rope suspension. Unfortunatly a big disadvantage is that the mounting of a picture rail is really complex and drilling is necessary. If you want to hang pictures with wire easier you should read the section below, where we show the solution for a quick and easy picture wire hanging.

Hanging photos on wire

You can also hang smaller formats like photos and postcards on your wall with wire and a little creativity. For this you need two eyelets or screws, which you can drill on the wall with some skill. A spirit level ensures that the two suspension points have the same height. Your photos will later hang on the wire that you stretch between the two eyelets. For this you pull the wire through the first eyelet and knot it well. Then you tighten the wire and knot it at the other point. Once the wire is taut, you can attach your favourite photos to the wire with transparent adhesive tape or clothes pegs. Washi adhesive tape with bright patterns and colours is also particularly suitable here. You already have your very own individual photo wall made of wire rope.

Our tip: Hang a picture with picture wire reverse on the wall so that the wire hangs in front. On that picture wire you can now hang several photos and postcards. This looks really decorative because the photos are framed and hold save on the picture wire with clips. Additionally you can easily change the photos because they are just loosly attached to the picture wire

Hanging photos and postcards on the wall quickly and easily
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