How to hang clip frames

Clip frames and frameless picture frames are a simple and quick solution to hang your pictures on the wall. For an attractive presentation of your pictures clip frames are only conditionally suitable. We show you which alternatives you have and how to hang your picture best on the wall!

What are clip frames and what is the difference to regular frames?

Compared to picture frames, and clip frames and frameless picture frames are hung on the wall without a batten. In comparison to the object frame, a picture ledge made of aluminium or wood can therefore be completely dispensed with, which makes frameless picture carriers the cheapest way of framing. The terms clip frames and frameless picture frames are often used synonymously. This means that this type of frame can be fixed to the wall without picture ledge or frame. With frameless picture holders, your picture is framed by a simple transparent glass (usually art glass, clear glass or anti-reflective glass). The glass of the frame is simply clipped into the back wall with small brackets. This small clip connects glass and back wall and also serves as picture hanging. Clip frames and frameless picture frames are available in different styles and in many formats and glass types.


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Different glass of clip frames and frameless picture frames

The glass of clip frames plays a decisive role in the presentation of your pictures. The tasks of the picture glass range from protecting your picture from moisture to protecting it from fading and sunlight. At the same time, it provides at best an unreflected view of your artwork and should be invisible if possible. The picture carriers are available in most shops in the glass types normal glass, anti-reflex glass and acrylic glass. A shiny standard glass is the cheapest and simplest alternative when it comes to picture glass for clip frames. Due to the smooth surface of the art glass, however, the glass reflects very strongly and reflects the spatial surroundings. This can disturb the view of your picture when you hang clip frames or frameless picture frames. Therefore, many people turn to a frosted glass, which is also called anti-reflective glass. With frosted glass, the surface is slightly structured, which refracts the light and makes the glass surface no longer appear shiny. A frosted glass therefore does not reflect in the sun and gives you a glare-free view of the artwork. The anti-reflective picture glass (also interference-optical anti-reflective) minimizes the reflections through an optical coating. This keeps the glass completely transparent and you can view your image without any reflections. The colours also appear razor sharp. Such art glass is the optimal solution for a clear and unclouded view of your clip frame and is also used in museums around the world.

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Advantages and disadvantages of frameless picture frames

Rahmenlose Bildhalter und Cliprahmen ohne bohren aufhängen Tipps und Tricks

Frameless picture frames or clip frames have one particular advantage over classic picture frames: they are significantly cheaper than their counterparts with massive ledges and are also available in all frame formats. The quick mounting and the quick picture change make the clipframes therefore a very popular type of frame. Some photographers claim that with the minimalist clip frames the viewer’s attention is completely focused on the image due to the lack of picture bars. The picture frame without frame is therefore often hardly noticed with its transparent glass and is limited to the essentials when presenting your picture. This makes frameless picture frames and clip frames a real alternative to frames with acrylic glass or Alu-Dibond.

However, clip frames also have some disadvantages. Due to the sensitive glass surface, the frame must be cleaned carefully. Stripes on the glass surface become visible very quickly when light falls on it. In addition, dirt and dust can be seen much faster on clip frames than with classic picture frames. The disadvantage of clip frames is that they do not have any closed pages or have edges that allow dust and moisture to penetrate into the frame. To clean the glass, you should therefore always use a damp cloth and not spray the cleaning agent directly onto the glass oft he clip frame. In this way you avoid that the cleaning agent runs into the edges of the frame and possibly destroys your picture. Especially with self painted pictures like pastel and pencil drawings you need a passepartout or mount for protection, so that the glass pane does not lie directly on your drawing. This would have the effect of smearing your drawing.


There are some problems especially during the mounting of clip frames: Often the glass surface is placed on the floor when framing your picture. Here it is more common for the glass surface to be scratched or damaged. Fingerprints and fluff are also not uncommon when mounting the glass pane.

Our tip: You can wear disposable gloves when framing your picture to avoid greasy fingerprints on the clip frame. To avoid damaging the glass surface, you can also place a clean cloth underneath the frameless picture frame or clip frame.


Advantages of clip frames:
  • Reasonably priced compared to classic picture frames.
  • Change picture holder quick exchange of your pictures possible
  • No picture frame necessary
  • Cheap custom-made products by online order possible
Disadvantages of clip frames:
  • Glass can easily be scratched or dirty
  • No protection against moisture and humidity
  • Sharp edges due to glass or art glass pictures can smear quickly without passepartout or mount
  • Picture change causes fingerprints on glass
The picture hanging system for clip frames and frameless pictures
1. Aufhänger an Wand befestigen
2. Modul auf Bildrückwand kleben
3. Bild in den Aufhänger einrasten
4. Bild betrachten und Leben genießen!

Manufacturer of clip frames and frameless picture frames


Especially the manufacturer Wilko offers a wide range of different formats with two types of glass. At Wilko you can even order your clip frames as custom made. Also the very favourable price-performance ratio of Wilko clip frames is impressive.


The Argos company offers so-called frameless interchangeable picture frames. The special feature of the Argos frameless picture frames is the system mounted on the rear wall, consisting of riveted eccentrics with spring steel clamps. These fix or loosen the glass plate during rotation. At the same time, this mechanism serves as a picture hook for the clip frames.

Which picture hooks can you recommend for glass clip picture frames?

Hello everyone,

I have a lot of photos and postcards in different sizes, colors and styles, which I would like to hang on the wall without a picture frame. In the hardware store I discovered such frameless picture holders. I am currently framing my favourite pictures including passepartout and am looking for a suitable method to hang them on the wall. On the back wall of my clip frames  there is a small eyelet or clip integrated. The easiest way would probably be to chase a nail or screw into the wall and hang my frame on the clip. However, since I have a rather sensitive wall that I do not like to work on with a drill, I wonder if there are other alternatives? Is there a possibility to fix these frameless picture holders to the wall without drilling and nailing.

Best regards



How to hang clip frames on the wall?

Depending on how you want to hang the clip frames on the wall, you will need different tools. For the conventional hanging of the frameless picture frames a dowel and a screw is sufficient. Afterwards you have to drill holes, countersink dowels and screws in them and hang your picture on the wall with a spirit level. The clip frame usually have simple eyelets in the clip closure for suspension. These eyelets (also called clips) can be mounted on the wall with nails or screws. The clip serves both as a fixation for glass and rear wall and as a suspension. You can hang all clip frames can in both landscape and portrait format.

Our tip: If you want to make a whole series of picture frames, you can also hang your pictures discreetly with a picture rail. The picture rail is mounted on the upper part of the wall and you can hang your picture frames on ropes which are led into the picture rail.

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