How to hang canvas - without drilling, screwing or holes in the wall

You want to hang your canvas or stretcher frame pictures on the wall, but you do not want to drill holes in the wall? Moreover, you want to hang your canvas art on the wall, no matter what surface it is? Using conventional methods to hang canvas prints or picture frames on the wall are a thing of the past. We are going to show you how to hang your canvas photo print on the wall and how to set them up to look like a stylish canvas wall decor.

Do you want to hang your canvas print without holes in your wall? With our canvas hanging kit canvas is really easy. Using the self-adhesive canvas hangers, you can hang your pictures on any wall easily and fast!

The picture hanger for canvas pictures & stretcher frames


With the innovative 3-in-1 hanging system by GAEKKO, you can hang up any kind of canvas picture on any wall as easy as winking. It is your choice: Sticking knocking or screwing

Hang up Canvas without nails

Hanging canvas prints – tips and tricks

„I painted a picture on canvas and on the back of the canvas are so-called lugs. However, I do not want any holes in my wall. Can I hang up a picture on canvas without drilling holes into the wall? Another canvas print which I bought does not have any mounts. I need your help!”

This could sound familiar to your concerns. Our guide provides you with many tips and ideas on how to hang canvas on any type of wall. The guide contains a broad range of varieties, which might be an option. For example, attaching canvas without drilling holes into the wall, by using wire or by sticking your canvas to the wall.

How to hang a canvas board without nails – just stick it to the wall

You want to hang canvas without nails? The key word is sticking. It does not matter if you use adhesive strips, adhesive hooks or adhesive nails – there is no need for nailing or drilling and therefore, you can spare your wall from damage.

The staff of GAEKKO has developed self-adhesive canvas hooks, which can be mounted to every kind of surface or be exchanged. Also, they are reusable. The solution: By using the mounting method „sticking“, you can hang your canvas print without nailing, screwing or drilling holes into the wall.

This variant is especially suitable for textured or sensitive surfaces. The adhesive tape is made of high quality and therefore, your canvas has a secure and permanent grip without damaging the backside and the subsurface. We recommend sticking the canvas hanger to a smooth wall surface, like tiles, plasterboard, concrete, plastic, marble, metal or glass. If you want to hang a heavy picture, use the screws and nails which are included in the delivery.

This is how it works:
Advantages at a glance:
Without wholes in the wall
No frames or tools are necessary
Removable without residue

How to hang canvas paintings – Manuals for different Methods

Hanging canvas prints by using canvas sawtooth hanger

Conventional methods to hang canvas prints, as for example with canvas sawtooth hanger, require two canvas picture hooks so your canvas or stretcher frame picture is hanging tightly on the wall. The clamped jags can be shoved on the stretcher frame without damaging the canvas. In order that your canvas print is hanging straight later, you should position the canvas sawtooth hanger accordingly. Using a hammer, you have to position multiple nails in exactly the same position. Using a spirit level, measuring tape and pencil, mark the spots on the wall beforehand so that the picture will hang straight afterwards. Horizontal alignment is often difficult, time-consuming and without a spirit level usually requires additional work. 

Some of you know that if the canvas sawtooth hangers are attached incorrectly, nails have to be hammered into the wall again to hang canvas. There are also matching canvas hooks, which are exactly matched to the serrated hangers. There are also matching picture hooks, which are exactly matched to the serrated hangers. Moreover, such canvas sawtooth hanger are not directly connected to your canvas painting, as they only rest loosely on a nail or screw, which can cause the painting to shift or even fall off. For certain stretcher thicknesses or backs of canvases that have a central strut, for example, such canvas hangers are completely unsuitable, because you either need several such hangers at once or you have the problem that the nail in your wall does not find the eye of the serrated hanger. 

The solution: If you want to know how to hang large canvas or a canvas print quickly and easily, GAEKKO’s picture hangers are something for you and a real alternative to canvas sawtooth hangers. With the canvas hanging kit from GAEKKO, you don’t need to worry about horizontal alignment of your screen. A wall hanger and a canvas module are supplied with our canvas hanging kit. The module is simply mounted in the middle of the back of the canvas print or directly next to the central strut, so that the picture always hangs perfectly straight on the wall.

Your advantages of GAEKKO at a glance:

  • Uncomplicated and fast installation
  • Picture hanger including high-quality adhesive tape & module for canvas pictures and stretcher frames
  • EasyClick-System: No more searching for a nail. Mount canvas pictures on the wall with ease
  • Hang canvas picture flush on the wall without distance
  • Modular hanging system: change canvas prints at any time
  • For canvas art on stretcher frames with and without central strut
  • No measurement on the wall is necessary. Simply place it in the middle of the picture hanger at the back of the canvas on the stretcher frame! Apartments in old buildings, for example. Making the living room and bedroom more attractive
  • Alternatively, you can fix the canvas hanger to the wall with nails or screws, especially for heavy duty pictures
  • No sawtooth hangers, picture wire or string necessary. All included in the set
  • Adheres to all surfaces and substrates: for example Wallpaper, plaster or sheetrock wall
  • Can be used for all stretcher frame thicknesses from 1. 6 – 4. 5 cm
  • Hanging canvas prints without nails, without drilling or damaging the wall

How to hang canvas paintings with wire

To attach a canvas with wire to a wall, you need two things: firstly, robust picture wire – you can get this in specialist shops and secondly, a hanger or a hook where you attach the picture to your wall with the wire. This method is suitable for wallpaper, as well as for plasterboard or wooden walls and impresses with its characteristic forward inclination.

The picture wire is therefore another popular method to fix your canvas print or stretcher frame to the wall. The metal cord is a very simple way of fastening. The wire is attached to two round hangers, eyelets or screws on the sides of the frame or the back of the stretcher frame. Alternatively, you can mount eyelet plates or metal sheets to the side of the canvas frame.

The choice of picture wire has the advantage that the load is evenly distributed on both sides of the frame and your picture hangs straight when aligned accurately. For wider canvas paintings you can of course stretch several nails over the rope or string as an additional attachment for your picture.

Special emphasis is placed on security and stability with this solution. One effect of the picture wire that many art lovers want to avoid, however, is the slight forward tilt caused by a small distance from the string to the wall. Therefore, picture wire as a hanging system is not suitable for every canvas print and is often not the best solution for many rooms or furnishing styles. In addition, there is the unpleasant side effect that the nails, which act as picture hooks for the wire, leave unsightly holes in your wall.

Hanging canvas with cord or rope

Besides the hanging method by wire you can also hang up your canvas by a rope or a robust cord. The screen is mounted with a rope on a fitting on the ceiling or a wall. However, depending on the size of the picture, this variant is not entirely without danger. With heavy pictures, the string threatens to break after some time. Falling may damage the image. We therefore recommend to choose a robust hanging mechanism for heavy canvas pictures or to use a metal rope.

Hanging canvas prints with picture rails

There are other hanging systems, such as picture rails, picture hooks, rope or rod hangers, which are used to attach canvas pictures to the ceiling. The wall mounting differs in design and application. With gallery rails, your walls remain untroubled by drillers, hammers or holes and stay in the field of vision. 

The situation is different behind the picture or gallery rail: There, screws or nails must be fastened into the wall so that the gallery rail hangs securely on the wall. With our hanging system you can do without picture rails and hang your canvas print with the included picture module. You can position your picture centrally at the place where you want your picture to hang later.

Picture rails are mounted on the wall directly below the ceiling. There are movable hooks integrated in the rail, on which the pictures or the stretcher frame can be hung with a thin wire rope or plastic cord on the backside with a small distance to the wall. The installation of such picture rails usually requires more craftsmanship, since the picture rails must be aligned horizontally and by using a spirit level directly below the ceiling. An optical disadvantage is caused by the freely suspended cords, which do not lie directly against the wall. The distance between the picture hooks and the canvas or stretcher frames attached to the back can quickly become disruptive.

How to hang an unframed canvas

Many canvas paintings live from your unique way of creation. As a result, art lovers are increasingly tending to hang canvas art without frame and thus focus entirely on the work of art. In order not to influence the character of the picture, the attachment of the canvas painting by adhesive elements is a popular variant. For this purpose at least 2 picture hooks are attached to the wall or ceiling or glued. You can then attach your canvas to these glued picture hangers without a stretcher frame.

Canvas wall mount - hanging canvas prints on a slant

In order to be able to hang canvas pictures on a slant, such as a roof slope, the durability of the picture should be guaranteed. Inadequate mounting can cause the image to detach from the mounting and be damaged. You can achieve a reliable installation by nailing, drilling or gluing the canvas to the wall with a bevel. With our canvas hangers you can easily stick pictures on canvas weighing up to 2 kg on the wall without leaving any residue.

Hanging canvas and stretcher frames made easy!

With GAEKKO’s innovative 3 in 1 canvas hanging kit you can easily and uncomplicatedly attach the desired canvas prints to any wall. Our suspension system eliminates the need for complicated instructions. You can choose between 3 attachment methods: Sticking, nailing or screwing. Your canvas on a stretcher frame can also be replaced quickly and easily. Simply attach the module to the back of the new picture and place it on the wall hanger – done. This way, you stay flexible and can test several different hangings in no time at all.

The module of our canvas hanging kit is attached to the frame of the backside with a small screw and gets additional stability by connecting it to the canvas hanger. The hanging module has a small notch that makes it easier to mark the center of the photo canvas with a pencil. In the next step, the canvas module can be screwed to the middle of the stretcher frame. In addition, this way you avoid displacements of your canvas while you attach it to the wall. Before you attach the hanger to the wall, you can mark the desired spot with a pencil and spirit level. Afterwards you can simply attach the hanger to your wall at the desired height. Horizontal alignment of individual nails or screws is now a thing of the past.

Our canvas hanger has been designed so that the frame of your canvas fits against the wall without a gap and it can be used for all stretcher frame thicknesses as well as for canvases with a central brace. The CanvasGAEKKO is suitable for canvases, stretcher frames and pictures on wooden frames of any kind: no matter how long, wide or thick. Also suitable for screens with cross braces on the back of the picture.

Tip: Our sticky canvas hangers withstand a load capacity of 2 kg so you can hang canvas without nailing. Especially for smooth wall surfaces it is recommended to stick our hangers to the wall. Heavy canvas art weighing more than 2 kg can only be attached with nails or dowels, otherwise they will not hang securely. Here too, we offer you a simple solution: Simply attach the bracket to the wall using the two nails or screws supplied. Especially for sensitive surfaces such as woodchip or wallpaper, it is recommended to nail or drill our canvas hangers to the wall. With GAEKKO, hanging pictures is child’s play. With only one canvas hanging kit you can hang your desired canvas painting on the wall within 30 seconds.

The canvas hangers are not visible, hang flush to the wall and provide stability and support for the stretcher frame of your canvas picture. The innovative 3 in 1 canvas hook is suitable for all wall surfaces: wallpaper, woodchip, plaster, tiles, plasterboard, concrete, plastic, marble, metal, glass or wood. You have the choice between 3 types of attachment: sticking, nailing or screwing! Choose and decide for yourself.

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